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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Gordon Gould, published by Discovery Channel in 2000 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Treasure - buried, lost or sunk, in the depths of the ocean - has fascinated countless treasure hunters throughout the world, in all lands and seas, for centuries. This series follows the trails to the sites of legendary treasures, presents the winners and losers in the hunt for treasures trove. The films document the historical events surrounding certain treasures and relate the dreams, dramas and adventures of obsessed treasure hunters who shun no risk in their search for the "pot of gold", and seamlessly weaves together history and legend to present compelling tales of real life human quests.

Director : Sylvio Heufelder Camera : Juergen Jungnickel Narrator : Gordon Gould Executive Producer : Cheryl Blue Tandem Film 2000

[edit] Colonel Fawcett's Dream

A trip to the past where man's steps are trailed who in 1925 suddenly disappeared in the jungles of Brazil and then never turned up. Only his name - Percy Fawcett - was saved for history. His ultimate dream: to find El Dorado. An almost obsessive belief in the existence of the legendary golden city drove the English colonel to the villages of Xingu Indians and made his expedition a true myth.

[edit] The Golden Hell

A day on the Rio Madeira delivers sixty grams of gold and takes a lifetime. Hans Hoffman lives with the Brazilian garimpeiros in the Rio Madeira and hopes soon to find much gold. In the brown water diesel pumps twenty-four hours the mud of the river bottom to surface. Hoffmann lives his life aboard a raga - a primitive sort of raft. His world has its own rules: A hostile person can not survive here long because he can be sure to get enemies.

[edit] The Black King of Zimbabwe

The proud era of African warriors came to an end when the last king of the Matabele, Lobengula, when fleeing hit the troops of Cecil Rhodes. The African ruler disappeared without a trace and with him all his possessions, gold, diamonds and ivory.The treasures that Lobengula was hiding from whites, is still in Zimbabwe waiting to be foud, somewhere between rivers the Limpopo, the Shangani and the Zambesi.

[edit] Fire in the Stone

Coober Pedy - no village, no buildings, no roads, just desert, mountains dotted with boulders. A bizarre lunar landscape, but for opal seekers is the most exciting place on earth, where again every day is the true challenge, happiness and luck just a shovel width apart and where life is defined by two words: winners and losers. Coober Pedy, grab your hat, throw it into the air and where it lands start digging !

[edit] Rubies of the Golden Triangle

Ruby Country - as the Burmese call their country, which is famous for the jewels as red as blood. In the old days the rubies were in maharajas ownership. They were sold to the Europeans. Today, trade with the red rubies is fully at the hands of the military government field in the. They are currently the new owners of the mines. The golden triangle is the largest and most dangerous ruby country in the world.

[edit] Doomsday in Port Royal

Mansfield, Rackham, BIackbeard - names that in the 17th century people were filled with anxiety. The King of Pirates: Sir Henry Morgan, ruler of an empire which with a condescending undertone was said that it was the wildest place on earth : Port Royal. A city that reminded Sodom and Gomorrah, corrupt, voluptuous and rich. Port Royal would have to pay high price for the pact they made with the pirates. in 1692 the earth shook its foundations. The old Port Royal sank into the sea and took the pirate treasure with it.

[edit] The Gold Fishers

The hunt for the treasures of the seabed - for most of us it remains just a dream - but there Herbert Humphreys made his work. In 1986, his eye fell on a Spanish galleon and since then he has the wind on several fronts in its sails. One of his most striking discoveries was of North Carolina. When the sinking happened in the 19th century, all America was in turmoil. The romance of such quests lies in the combination of spectacular adventure and spectacular technique. Discover the treasures of North Carolina - golden riches and American history.

[edit] Mussolini's Gold

A gold hunting with a political thriller. A collage of original movies and a reconstruction of the last trip of Mussolini. Interviews with witnesses and the mystery of the millions of the Italian dictator, who miraculously disappeared in the chaos immediately after the war. What exactly happened in Dongo on that day, April 27, 1945? An idyllic setting on Lake Como was the scene of a bloody history full of political terror.

[edit] Diamonds of the Orange River

Pure beauty, ultimate perfection, every stone a miracle itself. The contemporary diamond era begins in South Africa. Less than a hundred years ago the first discoveries were made on the banks of the Orange River. It would mean the beginning of the hi-tech technology searching to the seabed of the Atlantic.

[edit] The Mystery of the Old Slumach

The Indian Slumach lived to kill and was eventually hanged himself. Every year he disappeared a few months in the mountains near Pitt Lake Mountains. The reason: a legendary rich gold vein. Only a legend? Slumach took his secret to his grave, but still attract treasure hunters to Pitt Lake-glaciers. This quest has been fatal for many. The Curse of Slumach?

[edit] The Treasure of the Desert Fox

The legendary treasure of General Rommel. A former SS man breaks the silence and tells what happened then. The Nazis offered northern Italian Jews the opportunity to buy their own freedom. Gold collected in this way was stored in the vaults of the Bank of Tunis. They were brought in lead coffins on board a German speedboat and then at the Corsican coast transferred to an old Italian fishing boat. Allied bombers fired the boat, causing it to sink. Thus there near Corsica ended an estimate sixty thousand, six hundred pounds of gold on the seabed.

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