U-Boat War: Series 1

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Nigel Davenport, published by Discovery Channel in 1997 - English narration

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[edit] Information

In World War II, lethal German U-boats sailed all over the world wreaking havoc and destruction. This unique series charts the true story of the tense, close-run fight that took place. It depicts how this potent force became one of the most dominant German fighting units during World War Two, and became such a worry to Allied shipping that even Winston Churchill himself claimed that the 'U-boat peril' was the only thing that ever really frightened him during the war. The weapon was invisible and fast: German submarines spread fear and terror in the longest sea battle in history, the Battle of the Atlantic, during World War II. The "Grey Wolves" led by Admiral Doenitz sank thousands of Allied ships in the first three years of the war. It was only after the radio codes were deciphered that the hunters became hunted and had to pay a high toll in blood until the end of the war. The Allies eventually inflicted such a catastrophic destruction on the U-boats that its losses were too great to continue. Of the 38,000 men that went to sea onboard these deadly vessels, only 8,000 were to survive to tell the tale. With rare, original footage of actual battle scenes and interviews from U-boat commanders and crew members from both the Allied and Axis naval forces, these three programs give the viewer an inside look at the destructive nature of these deadly "Iron Coffins." Produced and Directed by Nigel Turner ; ITN/Discovery Channel Production

[edit] Sea Wolves

With their prime objective, sinking merchant shipping in the Atlantic, U-Boats were active from the first day of the war to the last. At the beginning of World War II the German Navy, under the leadership of Grand Admiral Doenitz, dispatched its submarine fleet to hit the Allies at a sensitive point: the supply routes between the USA and Great Britain. They posed such a threat that Winston Churchill wrote "The threat the U-Boats posed in the Atlantic was the only thing that really frightened me during the war. On their defeat, hung the outcome of World War II." For many months it was not possible for the Allies to stop the German submarines and they often had to just watch as one merchant ship after another was sunk. In this riveting episode, the German submarine strategies, campaigns and leaders in the early days of WWII are recounted, particularly the actions of the famed Wolf Packs.

[edit] Attack America

In January 1942, three weeks after the Germans declared war on the United States, no one really wanted to believe that the war would reach America. Little did the Americans knew that Hitler's submarine fleet was already in wait. As the coastal neon burned brightly at night from New York to Florida, Americans were unaware that just a few miles off their shores lurked one of the world's most potent military forces, poised to strike against their country. Hitler's U-Boats had arrived on the American seaboards. Soon it was to cause a heavy defeat for the completely unprepared US Navy. Watch as the German U-boat fleet had its way with the American coastal waters and witness vessel after vessel go down in what has to be one of the greatest maritime disasters of all time.

[edit] Iron Coffins

At the beginning of 1943, the German submarine fleet continued to achieve success after another. It looked like the Germans would manage to cut off the supply routes between Britain and the United States. The tide turned when the British secret service cracked the code of the German Navy.
The most profilic U-Boat housed 44 crew members whom lived alongside their weapons of war for days on end in cramped and often squalid conditions. Out of the 38,000 men who went to war in these machines in WWII, 30,000 were to die in their iron coffins. Making the defeat of the U-boats the Allies top priority in 1943, you will witness the Allied strategies and tactics that made the men in the U-Boats suffer the highest mortality rate of any fighting unit in the history of war.

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