Unearthed Dark Secrets of the Pyramid

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History Documentary hosted by Steven Kearney, published by Discovery Channel in 2016 - English narration

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Image: Unearthed-Dark-Secrets-of-the-Pyramid-Cover.jpg

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Unearthed: Dark Secrets of the Pyramid-Series 1 New evidence could help solve some of the Great Pyramid's mysteries; the investigation into how it was built, revealing the truth about hidden tombs and other secrets. Archaeologists are now exploring an ancient security mechanism consisting of an intricate system of blocks, grooves and shafts that was installed in the Great Pyramid of Giza over 4,500 years ago to protect the mummified body of Pharaoh Khufu (also known as Cheops) and his treasures from grave robbers. Egyptologists are hoping the investigations could lead them to the still-undiscovered mummified remains and hidden treasures of Pharaoh Khufu (who reigned circa 2551 - 2528 BC), or at least shed light on their possible whereabouts. A longer video on the Great Pyramid’s security mechanism is due to air on the show “Unearthed: Dark Secrets of the Pyramid” on the US-based Science Channel on Tuesday, July 12. In the video, computer renderings and animations reconstruct the “very primitive machine” that protected the king’s chamber, according to the findings of archaeologist Mark Lehner of the Ancient Egypt Research Associates. Consisting of several granite blocks dropped into grooves and down shafts to block the entrances to the king’s chamber, this ancient security mechanism has been known to archaeologists for well over 200 years. However, more recent claims suggest that the king’s chamber may not have been Khufu’s actual burial chamber, but rather a decoy to deter grave robbers from looting his treasures or damaging his mummy. According to Lehner’s findings, the king’s chamber was "probably already robbed of its contents sometime between the end of Khufu's reign and the collapse of the Old Kingdom” around 2134 BC.

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