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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by Bohus Blahut and Shaun Hatton, published by Discovery Channel in 2018 - English narration

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Image: Vintage-Tech-Hunters-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

All-new series features intrepid hosts Bohus Blahut and Shaun Hatton as they take an epic road trip across North America seeking out vintage technology, with an eye towards profit. VINTAGE TECH HUNTERS features a slew of throwback treasures from the 20th century, including the world's first commercial video game, vintage jukeboxes, and an Apple I computer. Discovery takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through the history of technology in the original Canadian series VINTAGE TECH HUNTERS. Viewers are invited to join technophile co-hosts Bohus Blahut and Shaun Hatton as they sift through dusty barns, liquidation sales, and back country antique auctions to reveal rare treasures from decades past. Each 30-minute episode follows Hatton and Blahut on their quest to uncover "rare, weird, and nostalgic" tech, pursuing the most valuable items, and working to connect with the right collector to drive sales. Taking a cross-continental road trip from an e-waste recycling facility in Los Angeles all the way to a flea market in rural Nova Scotia, the 14-part series showcases the unique combination of tireless dedication and offbeat sense of humour required to unearth these ultra-rare pop culture collectibles. Seeking out classic consumer technology and pop culture items, spanning forgotten fads to technology still in use today, this effervescent duo turn up a slew of throwback collectibles, including the world's first talking pinball machine, a Robert the Robot, a Minox B Spy Camera, a Speak 'n Spell toy, and an Apple I computer. The vibrant duo scours Canada and the U.S., rooting through rickety attics, dusty garages, flea markets, and auctions for rare and nostalgic treasures. From original Nintendo Game Boys and priceless first-edition computers to animatronic toys, the pair aims to uncover rare and nostalgic treasures – because to the right collector, they're worth a fortune. Produced by Crooked Horse Productions in association with Discovery Canada and Boat Rocker Studios

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Buy a Jukebox

Los Angeles is the center of the American entertainment industry. There Shaun and Bohus put out their feelers for classics with rarity value. During a road trip along the coast of Southern California, Shaun Hatton and Bohus Blahut stumble upon a vintage Seeberg jukebox from 1956 in dire need of repair. They take it to an expert in L.A. where they desperately hope to have it restored to mint condition. While in the City of Angels, the hosts hunt for vintage tech items at a local flea market and browse around an e-waste recycling facility, uncovering several former technology marvels including a Lasonic TRC 931 boombox from the 1980s and a Corona 3 typewriter originally built in 1913. A security robot also arouses the interest of the "Vintage Tech Hunters" at a second-hand electronics store. The invention, equipped with infrared sensors, was used in a museum in the 90s.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Go on an Odyssey

A vibration exerciser, a VHS camcorder, and a 1970s Magnavox Odyssey: Shaun and Bohus have unearthed promising rarities at a flea market in Illinois. On a road trip across the American Midwest when passing through Illinois and Wisconsin, Hatton and Blahut discover a Magnavox Odyssey, officially known as the world's first commercial video game. The duo is particularly happy about the game console, because the device is one of the first of its kind. The "Odyssey" laid the foundation for a multi-billion dollar industry and the "Vintage Tech Hunters" already have an idea of where to find suitable games. To dramatically increase the console's monetary value, they set out on an odyssey themselves, hunting for missing parts they need to sell the game as a complete package. While rummaging for missing parts, they also uncover antique exercise equipment, including the Vitamaster Model 35 Vibrator Belt Exercise Machine from the 1950s, complete with a Vitamaster Roller Massager from the same era.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Talk to Gorgar

Hatton and Blahut take their newest acquisition, the world's first talking pinball machine (nicknamed Gorgar), to Dallas, where they arrange for a much-needed restoration. "Gorgar", the first mass-produced, talking pinball machine, came onto the market in 1979. But the specimen that the "Vintage Tech Hunters" bought in Texas doesn't make a peep. Therefore, a specialist should examine the device. While in Texas on the way to the workshop, Shaun and Bohus stop at an old toy swap meet. There, the retro freaks will get their hands on two robot treasures from the eighties: "Armatron" and "Omnibot". And in a music store, they unearth rare musical instruments, including a 1951 Shure 55S Microphone and a 1960s electronic Zeetar. Before trekking on to their next destination, the hosts find themselves hunting through a massive and crowded liquidation sale, meeting numerous compelling characters in the process.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Buy Space Pants

Bohus and Shaun travel to Dallas to attend an auction where rare spacecraft memorabilia go under the hammer at an auction. The "Vintage Tech Hunters" don't want to miss this highlight. Shaun and Bohus are there to buy a rare bit of tech for a client that was used in the last mission of the space shuttle "Columbia". The collector is after a very specific part on the launch pad. His limit is S20,000. Is there enough budget to bid on the frangible nut? Astronaut trousers at the event also aroused the interest of retro freaks. On the way to the auction, they hit up as many flea markets and collections as they can.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Go Berserk

Bohus and Shaun set out across Illinois in search of vintage coin operated tech. Two old TVs from the 1950s and a rare, mechanical set of double pointed needles: the "Vintage Tech Hunters" cleverly negotiated at a flea market in Chicago. If the loot is resold, the duo can make a profit of at least S1,000. In a private museum, Shaun and Bohus hope for more direct hits. They manage to charm their way into the Sanfilippo estate – a collection of rare turn-of-the-century tech – to buy some rare museum quality coin op machines. The first impression is absolutely overwhelming, because Jasper Sanfilippo has accumulated around 3400 exhibits on his 4000 square meter property. Some slot machines in the magnificent building are over a hundred years old. They also discover a treasure trove of 1980's arcade games in a small Illinois town.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Race Slot Cars

On a road trip in Illinois, Bohus and Shaun find a rare vintage slot car kit at a local flea market. The "Vintage Tech Hunters" drive their pickup truck to a gas station that's been converted into a brewery in the American Midwest. The owner hoards cool objects with rarity value in an adjoining room - including a petrol pump from the 1950s, an engine tester and a blue light. For S1200 both parties get into business. In the vicinity of Chicago, the guys are also interested in so-called "slot cars". The "Vintage Tech Hunters" head to a local public slot car track to look for more vintage cars and experience the long forgotten sport for themselves.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Drive a Microcar

Tech in all shapes and sizes can be found at flea markets. On their way to Atlanta, Bohus and Shaun explore the Dixie Yard Sale – a 90 mile long yard sale along Georgia's Dixie Highway. There the "Vintage Tech Hunters" work up a sweat in this episode in summer temperatures. But the sauna tour pays off for the duo. From '60s stereos to 1981 portable computers, Shaun and Bohus' purchases are guaranteed to pay off. After finding some great vintage tech, the retro freaks also have an appointment with a passionate toy collector in Atlanta. There they hunt through a multi-million dollar private collection that includes some rare, mint-condition microcars.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Put the Pedal to the Metal

On a road trip in Southern Ontario, Bohus and Shaun unearth a Sinclair C5 – a rare British electric car rarely seen in North America. Dave Baker has been collecting old tech for four decades. In his shed, the "Vintage Tech Hunters" discover an electric vehicle from the 80s. Even then, environmentally friendly alternatives for local transport were being researched. The Sinclair C5 couldn't make it on the market because it was too slow and didn't offer enough storage space. But real retro freaks don't mind that much. So Shaun and Bohus offer the owner S500 for the vehicle. While waiting to have it repaired, they find some other unexpected finds in rural Ontario. Portable typewriters and radios also fit into the loot scheme.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Ride an Amphicar

An aged neon sign and an embossing machine that was used to process soldiers' dog tags: Dollar signs light up in the eyes of the "Vintage Tech Hunters" at the sight of such objects. Because the finds will make good money for the business professionals when they are resold. After picking through a barn in upstate New York, Shaun and Bohus head north of the border to attend a boat show in Muskoka Canada. They get more than they expected once they get there – including a joy ride in a vintage amphibious car. The duo is also interested in a rare object from the First World War in Canada. At that time, air gunners used the machine gun camera to train for air combat. And at a boat show, the boys set sail in an Amphicar.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Drive a Time Machine

Bohus and Shaun explore the back roads of Nova Scotia looking for cool vintage tech. What they discover surprises even them! From there, the "Vintage Tech Hunters" found a DeLorean. The "Back to the Future" vehicle comes with a replica Flux Capacitor. The car is not for sale, but should it actually be a joyride? While the owner is contemplating handing over the ignition key, Shaun and Bohus are on the lookout for cool retro technology at a huge flea market. On the booty tour, the duo unearths a James Bond toy car, drive-in speakers and a postcard projector, among other things.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Collect Apples

Bohus and Shaun find an old Apple two computer and take it to an expert to be repaired. When is it better to sell a vintage computer for it's parts? The guys discover that the old Apple computers in our basements could be worth a lot more than we realize! The "Apple II+" is a real classic and was very popular with gamers in the early 1980s. But in order for the computer to make a decent profit when it is resold, the "Vintage Tech Hunters" have to find an expert who can get the old piece up and running again. In the eastern USA, the retro freaks also have their sights set on an old wire recorder and a Yamaha SHS-10. Bohus played such a keyboard with a MIDI connection and pitch wheel in his first school band. The musical instrument is as good as a bought one.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Go to the Movies

Bohus and Shaun unearth some weird finds in a New Jersey Barn. New Jersey, Connecticut and New York: The "Vintage Tech Hunters" are putting out feelers on the American east coast and the first port of call proves to be a hit. In the huge barn in Stewartsville, the retro freaks unearth, among other things, a toy doll from the 1970s, which guaranteed to cause nightmares in the children's room with its diabolical laughter. Tim Mullen also hoards rare treasures in Manhattan. His apartment, packed with ancient gadgets, looks like a mad professor's laboratory. And Bohus puts an old 8mm film projector to good use!

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Get Lit

The "Vintage Tech Hunters" have discovered an old neon sign from the 1950s in a barn, and now Shaun and Bohus travel to Brooklyn to have the item brought back to life. The good piece has to be completely overhauled so that it flushes money in the till when it is resold. But that investment could pay off for the duo. As they wait on the restoration, the guys hunt through New York City's trash and discover New Yorkers throw out some really cool stuff! While an expert gets to work in the New York City borough of Queens, Shaun and Bohus continue their spree at a decluttering company. There, the retro freaks have their sights set on a vending machine from a laundromat and a taximeter. But the price negotiations are difficult.

[edit] Bohus and Shaun... Find a Higher Porpoise

Buy, repair, collect! Does this business model also work in Ontario? After finding a pink dolphin coin-op ride, Bohus and Shaun head to eastern Ontario to have the peculiar porpoise restored. Along the way, they discover some great deals at a local flea market. There, Shaun and Bohus also set their sights on a 1930s coin scale and an electrotherapy device at a demolition and clearing company. It was used to treat paralysis and nerve pain in the past. From a medical point of view, the museum piece was a failure, because nobody was cured with it. But collectors put a lot of money on the table for such aged rarities. Can the "Vintage Tech Hunters" agree on a fair price with the owner?

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Video Codec: H.264 CABAC High@L4
Video Bitrate: 3 918 Kbps
Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frames Per Second: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec: AAC (LC)
Audio Bitrate: 128 kb/s VBR 44.1 kHz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 21 min
Number Of Parts: 14
Part Size: 612 MB - 618 MB
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