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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Graham McTavish, published by Cromwell Productions in 2001 - English narration

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History is always written by the victors... this is the other side of the coin. This is the front line perspective on World War II as seen through the eyes of the losing side, the men who fought for Hitler. These are the recollections of the men of the Kriegsmarine, the Luftwaffe and the Heer. Altogether, they formed the Wehrmacht which in 1940 was the most efficient fighting force the world had ever seen. By 1942, the tide had begun to turn and the men of the once mighty Wehrmacht fought in vain at Stalingrad, El Alamein, Monte Cassino, Caen and Berlin. These are the U-boat men, the Panzer crews and the air aces. This is military history at its best as told from primary sources. Like old soldiers everywhere, they are fading away, but these German veterans of World War II have an incredible and sometimes shocking story to tell. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear the last testimonies of Hitler's armies. These are remarkable personal accounts of Germany's rise and fall from the inside. Learn how those responsible for the maelstrom sent their armies to conquer only to see them crushed as the world united against them ; of men seduced by the siren call of Hitler only to pay a very heavy price. A Cromwell Production

[edit] Blitzkrieg: Unleashing the Nightmare

During the early months of World War Two, the world was introduced to a new and terrifying military concept - the tactic of Blitzkrieg. Country after country fell as a result of this new 'lightning war', until the seemingly unstoppable armies of the Third Reich stood on the coastline of Northern France.

[edit] The Luftwaffe: Messengers of Death

The Luftwaffe was at the cutting edge of Blitzkrieg and it was instrumental in bringing the war to the great cities of Europe, most notably during the 'Blitz' on London during 1940. As the war progressed, however, the pilots were forced to fly more in defence of their country, often in inferior and outdated aircraft.

[edit] The Waffen SS: The Alibi for History

The Waffen SS - the SS army - was not always looked upon favorably by the German army. With some 900,000 non-Germans in its ranks, it was the performance of crack divisions such as the SS Panzer Leibstandarte and the Hitler Jugund that persuaded the Fuhrer to use them as an elite force.

[edit] U-Boats: Iron Coffins

Britain finally won the war against the deadly German U-Boats that lurked in the freezing waters of the Atlantic ocean. But what was life really like in the cramped and claustrophobic conditions aboard the vessels that became known as Iron Coffins?

[edit] Russia: The Unholy War

The Russian Front saw some of the most bitter and bloody fighting of World War Two. Places such as Stalingrad and Leningrad are now synonymous with the human suffering of that terrible conflict, which threw the people and armies of Russia against the invading German forces in the teeth of a savage winter.

[edit] Defending Berlin: The Last Battles

In April 1945, the Red Army stood at the gates of Berlin; inside the shattered city, only the pathetic remnants of the Home Guard, the Hitler youth,the SS and Wehrmacht stood against them. Berlin and its population lay at the mercy of the Russians, who exacted a terrible revenge.

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