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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary hosted by Steven Kearney, published by Science Channel in 2015 - English narration

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Image: What-on-Earth-Series-2-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

What on Earth? Series 2 Watching us from space, satellites orbit the Earth at 17,000 miles an hour, capturing images of our world that are breathtaking, and sometimes bizarre. This unique perspective reveals objects and phenomena that defy explanation - massive tsunamis that disappear without trace, a sinister blood-red lake in war-torn Baghdad and a whirlpool in the ocean the size of Connecticut Join experts and witnesses as they investigate and analyse these sites, in an attempt to unravel these mysteries captured from space.

[edit] Lake of Blood

In 2000 Space Shuttle Endeavor uses radar imagery to see ancient rivers in the Saudi Arabian desert that may show where be the real Garden of Eden once existed; a satellite takes pictures of what appears to be a series of 500 foot tall tsunamis headed toward Hong Kong; a mile long series of honeycomb shaped holes is seen in the Andes mountains of Peru; in 2004 a mapping satellite takes a picture of a lake in eastern Bagdad that is blood red is it evidence of crimes against humanity or something less sinister; while scanning Florida for signs of sink holes a 240-foot hole filled with water and is unlike any sink hole ever seen; China is constructing a huge underground base with access to the sea on Hainan Island

[edit] Lost City of Gold

In the Namib Desert of west Africa a strange series of rings ranging from 6 to 65 feet wide cover 1200 miles from Angola to South Africa; Sandy Island in the south Pacific is as big as Manhattan and has been on nautical maps for over 200 years but is now gone; a bizarre disk of glowing rings are seen by meteorologist on weather radar over Melbourne Australia before the rings start appearing over other parts of Australia; while a satellite takes photos of western Brazil a cleared part of the jungle shows signs of ancient construction that may be the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado; did a U.S. spy satellite photograph Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in 1973; a strange silvery blob that appears to be flying is photographed near Area 51

[edit] Secrets of the Sahara

Clusters of wheel like formations are seen by satellite in the desert from Jordan to Saudi Arabia; a glow as large as Connecticut is spotted off the Horn of Africa in the Indian Ocean; symbols hidden in the layout of Washington DC; the eye of the Sahara is a 25 mile wide series of concentric circles and remains a mystery; intense light over Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela known as the everlasting lightning storm; a bizarre cone of rippling clouds are emanating from an island in the Antarctic

[edit] Finding Sodom

Satellite photos of the region north of the Dead Sea leads archeologist Dr. Collins to believe he has found the biblical city of Sodom; a three mile wide ring is seen in the ice of Lake Baikal, the oldest freshwater lake in the world; a 35 mile wide cloud shaped plume appears out of nowhere over New Mexico; a new pyramid is found in Egypt surrounded by geometric shapes making it unlike any ancient pyramid ever discovered; a small island close to Japan is covered in apartment buildings but is devoid of human life today; a strange triangle is seen in photos over the western Australian outback

[edit] North Korea is Burning

Lynn Hickox using a gps mapping program sees what appears to be a giant carving of a Native American's profile near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada that can only be seen from space; a huge blanket of smoke covers southeastern North Korea and the time of year makes it unlikely to be normal wildfires; satellite imagery shows a moon like terrain in Italy that volcanologists believe indicate an active super volcano; a 50 year old satellite image shows a winding channel cut into the desert of northern Iraq that may lead to the site of the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon; a giant 100 mile glowing blue vortex is seen in the south Atlantic; an amateur archeologist in North Carolina, USA sees in satellite images what may be undiscovered pyramids in the Egyptian desert

[edit] Nazi Ice Fortress

Night images of Western Australia show lights in areas where there shouldn't be any, even more light is seen in the desert than in the big cities on the coast; images seem to show a big steel door on an entrance to a cave or underground base in Antarctica, could this be the remains of a Nazi base; Space Shuttle Endeavor takes pictures of a chain of 8 craters stretching 450 miles along the 38th parallel covering Kansas, Missouri and Illinois; radar images of the empty quarter of Oman show tracks or roads that may lead to Ubar, the mythical 'Atlantis of the Sands'; a series of hexagon shaped clouds appear over the Bahamas at the western edge of the Bermuda triangle; in the Gobi Desert of northern China a grid is seen 1-mile long and 0.5-mile wide with a strange line pattern

[edit] Secret of Doomsday Mountain

In 2013 weather radar begins to show a large and growing thunderstorm over Huntsville, Alabama, but there is no storm; a large complex is discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia causing concern in the US; the ancient Roman city of Dura-Europos in ISIS controlled Syria is being turned into a moonscape; spy imagery appears to show an American F-117 stealth fighter in an industrial complex in China; a user of Apple maps sees a wake that appears to be a gigantic living creature in Loch Ness; 2008 satellites looking at southern Afghanistan see what maybe an ancient fortress is it connected to the conquest of the area by Alexander the Great

[edit] Lost City of the Kalahari

January 2002 SeaStar satellite monitoring the world's oceans sees a massive dark blob off the coast of south Florida; a NASA satellite launched in 2002 looks for gravity anomalies on earth and finds an unexpectedly large gravity under the ice of Antarctica; in May 2013 satellite researcher using Google Earth finds spiral formations in the Kalahari desert of South Africa; in April 2013 an image is posted from Holland that appears to show a murder captured by satellite images; an image shows streaks of light and a nearby point of light in the West African Sahara Desert were no light was seen before that disappears the next night

[edit] Who Built Supervillain Island ?

An island appears in a contested part of the sea where one wasn't a month ago; large holes the size of football fields begin to pop up across the Siberian landscape; huge arrows are discovered scattered across Nevada further investigation finds that these arrows are all over the American west, but what do they point to; in Nov 2000 NASA's Terra satellite captures an image of a blood red waterfall coming out of a glacier; in 2011 a mysterious structure is seen in the Lybian desert could it have been built by Romans or someone else; in New Mexico large rings are seen etched into the desert own by the Church of Scientology.

[edit] Curse of the Lost Kingdom

Did Russia provide fake satellite images of the destruction of a Malaysian airline in July 2014 to frame the Ukraine; was the ancient Egyptian city Tanis relocated and was it moved in response to the biblical plagues; google images from 2009 in a Hungarian farmer's fields appears to show the face of Jesus; archeologists using aerial photography discover what may be an ancient sunken city off the coast of Wales which some believe may be evidence of an ancient kingdom known as The Lowland Hundred; reconnaissance satellite photos from 2004 see a large black cigar shaped object in the mountains of Afghanistan is it evidence of a war crime and how in the Mongol Empire involved; an earthquake in Baja Mexico in 2010 happens on a previously unidentified fault line but this fault appears too small to cause the damage that occurred.

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