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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by David Attenborough, published by BBC in 2013 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Wild-Cameramen-at-Work-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Wild Cameramen at Work Five of the best wildlife cameramen in the world have their roots in Scotland: Doug Allan, Gordon Buchanan and Doug Anderson were all born north of the border, while John Aitchison and Mark Smith have chosen to make Scotland their home. In this stunning series they revisit some of their favourite natural history moments from their global careers, and tell us how Scotland has helped them hone their specialist skills for capturing some of the greatest images to grace our television screens.

[edit] Ice

Narrated by David Attenborough - the first episode of this stunning new series reveals the hardships and hazards involved when filming wildlife in the world's most extreme environments - the Arctic and Antarctic. Legendary polar cameraman and diver Doug Allan relives some of his most hair-raising encounters and returns to the place where his underwater career began - the freezing depths of a Highland river.

[edit] Land

Some of the world's rarest and most dangerous animals live on dry land. Capturing them on film requires great patience and specialist skills. In this episode, Gordon Buchanan and Mark Smith reveal how the wildlife-tracking skills they learned back home in Scotland have allowed them to film some of the natural world's most intimate moments, including being the first to film wild pandas mating and snow leopards hunting.

[edit] Sky

Filming the wildlife in our skies stretches the skills of any wildlife cameraman. Birds move in three dimensions and constantly change direction so keeping them in the frame and in focus is challenging. In the third episode of this illuminating series, Scots-based cameramen John Aitchison and close friend Mark Smith reveal some of the more unlikely corners of the world where they have filmed birdlife - from a rubbish dump in Dehli to a motorway flyover near Birmingham. The results are mesmerising.

[edit] Sea

In the last of this spectacular series on the work of the worlds top wildlife film-makers we enter the literally breathtaking environment of the ocean depths. Cameramen Doug Anderson and Doug Allan reveal the technical challenges of filming beneath the waves and encounter animals as diverse as blue whales, white-tip sharks and the unforgettably named weedy sea dragon - a tiny creature whose courtship dance is as tender and graceful as any ballet.

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[edit] Technical Specs

[edit] HD

  • Video: Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.0
  • Video: Bitrate: 2999 Kbps
  • Video: Aspect Ratio: 1.778 (16:9)
  • Video: Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Audio: Codec: AAC LC
  • Audio: Bitrate: 160 Kbps ABR 48KHz
  • Audio: Channels: stereo (2/0)
  • Audio: English
  • Run-Time: 29mins
  • Framerate: 25fps
  • Number of Parts: 4
  • Part Size: 656 MB
  • Container: mp4
  • Source: HDTV
  • Encoded by: Harry65

[edit] SD

  • Technical Specs for SD
  • Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
  • Video Bitrate: 1198 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 720 x 404
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.775 (~16:9)
  • Frames Per Second: 25
  • Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3)
  • Audio Bitrate: 128 kb/s 48000 Hz)
  • Audio Streams: stereo (2/0)
  • Audio Languages: English
  • RunTime Per Part:29.Mins
  • Number Of Parts: 4
  • Part Size: average 277 MB
  • Source: PDTV
  • Encoded by Harry65

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