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Nature Documentary hosted by Peter Coyote and Nigel Marven and Jack Hanna, published by Discovery Channel in 2007 - English narration

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Animals are blessed with weapons by nature that in some circumstances turned into a serious threat for human life. These tricks and tactics of defense help animals a lot in their survival on this planet. In this collection we meet some of the worlds most dangerous animals.

[edit] Killer Crocs

Costa Rica is home to an exotic and extraordinary collection of wildlife, including the American Crocodile. This one-hour documentary follows the life of a female and her young through the most dramatic events of their lives - mating, birth and growing up.

Costa Rica's breathtaking Pacific coast, rivers and tropical forest serve as a spectacular backdrop as the baby crocodiles struggle to survive against predators such as caimans, coati, giant lizards and wood storks. We also feature the tension between crocodiles and people as poachers endanger our characters' long-term survival in Costa Rica's incredible tropical surroundings.

[edit] Tarantulas

The Tarantula has prowled the Earth for some three hundred and fifty million years. A big spider, it's famous for its big teeth which inject paralyzing venom into prey.

They are tough predators and one species has been known to kill birds and raid nests, even South America's most dreaded Pit Viper isn't safe. But Tarantulas have enemies as well and although they take refuge in deep burrows, they are sometimes discovered and ferreted out.

This detailed programme introduces us to numerous species of Tarantulas to prove that they are not dangerous to man and that their private lives are worthy of fascination not revulsion.

Many species have only just been discovered and by studying their activities and habits we learn that the Tarantula isn't nearly as nasty as their reputation would have us believe. Its time to show the beauty in this beast.

[edit] Komodo Dragons

We venture to a world lost in time, a place of volcanoes and terrible lizards. The Indonesian island of Komodo is no tropical paradise, but a parched land ruled by a fearsome hunter that tastes its prey on the wind. This is home to the Komodo Dragon.

These forked-tongued reptiles kill anything they catch - deer, water buffalo, birds, goats and even each other. They can swim for miles in search of food and water, have been known to raid fishing villages and are responsible the death of nine people.

This intriguing and often frightening documentary follows the lives of these carnivorous reptiles and even witnesses the hatching of baby dragons.

[edit] Anacondas

This all-action adventure takes intrepid zoologist Nigel Marven on a whistle-stop tour of South America as he hunts for an Anaconda measuring more than 30 feet.

First stop is Venezuela, where Nigel uses all his strength to wrestle Green Anacondas. Then south to Brazil where he finds a snappy 10-foot Yellow Anaconda engulfing a huge stork. Finally Nigel heads to the heart of the Amazon where he meets up with his quarry. Will it be the giant he craves?

[edit] Piranhas

Nigel Marven is on a mission. He wants to find out the truth behind the legend of the Piranha. In this brilliant rogramme, Nigel travels through the waterways of South America immersing himself in the Piranha's world.

From breeding to feeding, birth to death, all aspects of Piranha's natural history are uncovered with spectacular wildlife images.

After swimming near a Piranha nest, hand-feeding a shoal in a feeding frenzy and studying Giant Otters' feeding habits, he realises that Piranhas are much maligned and play a vital role in maintaining the health of the waters of South America.

This fresh and exciting documentary is a must-see for all animal lovers.

[edit] Big Cats

We admire the sleek beauty of the big cats' grace, the rhythmic dance of their silent gait and their brooding patience... but do we really know them ?

Acquaint yourself with the ruthless drive to survive that burns inside the big cats in your master reference to the world's greatest living predators. Leap into the past and unearth their strange fossil ancestors and the newly discovered secrets of the cat family. View intimately filmed wildlife behaviour, startling comparisons of size and speed and cutting-edge computer animation in this, your ultimate guide to the Big Cats.

[edit] Bears

Bears are feared by many as ferocious, flesh-eating predators. However, after a lifetime of bear watching, animal expert, Jack Hanna, has come to the conclusion that bears are some of the most misunderstood animals on Earth. Whether checking out a newborn Black Bear cub or wrestling with a grizzly film star, Jack has bear stories galore. By sharing his top ten experiences, he hopes to set the record straight.

Jack's frank and funny commentary brings a fresh perspective to the world of bears as his encounters include the elusive White Spirit Bear, the Brooks Falls salmon-catching Bear as well as Grizzly and Polar Bears.

[edit] 10 Deadly Encounters

Animal expert, Jack Hanna, takes us on a hair-raising adventure sharing his top ten dangerous animal encounters from around the world.

Whether fending off an advancing Silverback Gorilla in Uganda or staring into the mouth of an alligator in South Florida, animal expert, Jack Hanna, knows the risks when trespassing on the territory of a wild animal.

As former director of the Columbus Zoo, Ohio, and host of his own animal adventure series, Jack has had dangerous animal encounters all over the world. Now, for the first time, he takes us to his top ten places.

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