Y Africa: The New African Art Scene Series 1

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[edit] General Information

Arts, History Documentary hosted by Boris Passine, published by ZED in 2020 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Y-Africa-The-New-African-Art-Scene-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Y Africa: The New African Art Scene Series 1 From painters to photographers, sculptors, choreographers, fashion designers and musicians, the African arts scene is full of talented young people from a variety of backgrounds. The new “Y’Africa” show, which is a contraction of “Africa Ya lelo” or “Africa today” in Lingala, enables you to discover this diverse range of artists through a series of portraits following their lives and passions.Embark on an exciting journey through Africa and meet a new generation of contemporary artists.

[edit] Oumaima Manai

Oumaima Manai is a young, committed Tunisian dancer and choreographer. Sarah Diouf is a young designer born in France, who settled in Dakar after spending her childhood in Abidjan. Roger Landu is a Congolese orchestra conductor.

[edit] Ahmed Fofana

Ahmed Fofana is a multi-instrumentalist musician, arranger and director. Merveille Ya Mado is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. Bagré Jean Martial a.k.a Mc One is a rapper and songwriter born in Bingerville, near Abidjan

[edit] A L a

Ala Ferchichi, better known as A.L.A., is a Tunisian rapper from the Zomra collective. Banlieuz'Art is a Guinean group created in 2004, under the impetus of two young artists from the suburbs of Conakry. Dexter is a Senegalese dancer of Liberian descent.

[edit] Gosette

Born in Kinshasa in 1993, Gosette Lubondo was exposed to photography at a very early age through her father, a photographer by trade. Patrick Kabré is a singer-songwriter from Burkina Faso.Wissem El-Abed is a Tunisian visual artist.

[edit] Nix

At 40, Nix, whose real name is Nicolas Omar Diop, is a "founding father" of Senegalese rap.Madame Nassara is Secretary of the Pebakioga group, a collective of female artists in the Royal Court of Tiébélé in Burkina Faso.Known as Little Zota, Ange-Patricia Kanon is an Ivorian dancer and choreographer

[edit] Amine Bendriouich

Amine Bendriouich is a Moroccan stylist. Pokémon Gnakry is a hip-hop dance group, created in 2006 by dancer Djoumii in the upper suburbs of Conakry. Idah Razafindrakoto is a young Malagasy graphic novel author and illustrator, living in Cameroon.

[edit] Tsanta

Tsanta is a young composer and multi-instrumentalist, based in Antananarivo. Born in 1992, Fredy Obou Gbais, a.k.a Painter Obou, is a young Ivorian painter. James Nsia Ekollo is a classical pianist from Cameroon. He comes from a family of musicians.

[edit] Agathe Djokam

At only 29, Agathe Djokam Tamo, a Cameroonian choreographer and dancer, already has an impressive track record. Mohamed Sajid, better known as Simo, is the winner of the 2015 edition of Morocco’s MasterChef program. Amadou Sanogo is a Malian painter, born in Ségou.

[edit] Soul Bangs

Souleymane Bangoura a.k.a Soul Bangs is a young Guinean music prodigy .Chef Lalaina is the most famous chef on the Great Island. Younes Atbane is a Moroccan multidisciplinary artist - dancer, choreographer, and visual artist.

[edit] Bibata Maiga

Born in Gao (Mali) in 1993, Bibata Maiga is a young dancer and choreographer. Charles Tanoh-Boutchoue, a.k.a. Black Charles is an Ivorian DJ. Lilia Darghouth is a Tunisian visual artist.

[edit] Marc Padeu

Marc Padeu, a graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts (IBA) at the Douala University. Safaa Erruas is a Moroccan visual artist. Hakim Bah is a Guinean poet, playwright and author of short stories.

[edit] Abdelamid Bouchnak

Abdelamid Bouchnak is the son of Tunisian singer Lotfi Bouchnak. Patrice Balma was born in 1979 in Ouagadougou. At the age of 36, Senegalese multi-instrumentalist Stephen Ibaaku Bassene is one of the rising stars of the West African alternative scene.

[edit] Patche

Patche is an Ivorian arranger, songwriter and composer, from a family of musicians. Sarah Hasbi is a young Moroccan artist with a passion for history. Clovis Arnaud Keuleu, a.k.a. Keulion, is a Cameroonian visual artist specialized in body painting.

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