Air War Over Finland 1939 -1945

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War Documentary hosted by Peter Martin, published by Air Force Foundation in 1989 - English narration

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Image: Air-War-Over-Finland-1939-1945-Cover.jpg

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During the years 1939 -1940 Finland was engaged in the Winter War and the Continuation War against the Soviet Union. The Finnish Air Force had to fight against a massively superior force from the very outset of the Winter War on the 30th November 1939. In the first two days of that war more than 10 enemy aircraft were shot down. In spite of the opponent's overwhelming superiority of numbers the Finnish Air Force managed to achieve many victories until the Soviet Union sent large reinforcements to the front, equipped with more technically advanced aircraft. This advantage enabled them to obtain air supremacy towards the final stage of the war. When the Continuation War broke out in Spring 1941, the Finnish Air Force was more effective because of better equipment and additional personnel which resulted in air supremacy being achived on all sectors of the front. It was not until the expensive offensive by the enemy which began in June 1944 that the Soviet Union gained air supremacy through their overwhelming resources which eventually faltered because of effective defence tactics and counter-attack measures. The Finnish Air Force faced a very skillful German opponent in the Lapland War of 1944-1945 although, by comparison, it was on a smaller scale. Taking into consideration the numerous victories won and the favorable aerial reconnaissance results obtained by the Finnish Air Force, its aims were achieved with honour. In addition to combat and bombing operations, the Finnish Air Force carried out effective scouting missions which were of vital importance for both land and naval forces. This video shows successful operations dy the Finnish Air Force in Winter War and the Continuation War of 1939-1945. The DVD consists mainly of films which have been shot by war-time photographers. A significant part of this material has not been published before. By this DVD The Air Force Foundation wishes to honour those persons whose deeds were admired and respected by the Finnish nation and the whole world.

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