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[edit] General Information

Arts Documentary by Arte in 2005 - French,German, English Multilanguage narration

also known as:

[edit] Cover

Image:archi1.jpg Image:archi2.jpg

Image:archi3.jpg Image:archi4.jpg

[edit] Information

One building, one great Architect: astonishing insights into the architecture of the 19th century and the most ambitious architectional projects of Modern Art and pomo are combined with rare material from archives, models, several blueprints, 3D-Animations and dialogs with the greates architects of our time.

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: XVID
  • Video Bitrate: ~1000 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 400x720 (height x width)
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 9x16 (1:1,80)
  • Audio Codec: Dolby AC3 / FAST Multimedia AG DVM <0x2000>
  • Audio BitRate: ~192 kbps
  • Audio Streams: 3
  • Audio Languages: English/German/French (Multilanguage)
  • RunTime Per Part: ~30min
  • Number Of Parts: 23
  • Part Size: ~350 MB
  • Subtitles: none
  • Ripped by JumpinS

[edit] Links

[edit] Release Post

[edit] Official Website

[Arte France]

[edit] Related Documentaries

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Add 23 links to eMule (342.90 Mb) (353.23 Mb) (337.88 Mb) (341.76 Mb) (340.17 Mb) (344.57 Mb) (342.98 Mb) (342.36 Mb) (343.66 Mb) (341.99 Mb)
Architecture.11of23.Fé (343.39 Mb) (341.73 Mb) (344.70 Mb) (341.16 Mb)
Architecture.15of23.Antoni.Gaudí (341.86 Mb)
Architecture.16of23.Sullivan.& (342.00 Mb)
Architecture.17of23.Alvaro.Aalto.-.The.Community.Center.of.Säynä (340.24 Mb) (341.26 Mb) (340.94 Mb)
Architecture.20of23.The.House.of.Jean.Prouvé (338.86 Mb)
Architecture.21of23.Toyo.Ito.-.The.Sendaï (340.39 Mb) (340.12 Mb) (338.83 Mb)

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