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History Documentary hosted by Asha Gill and Mike Ellery, published by BBC in 2008 - English narration

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Image: Beijing-Biography-of-an-Imperial-Capital-Cover.jpg

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Beijing was an unlikely capital. Situated at the periphery of ancient China, it could have remained an insignificant border town but for the vision of a few extraordinary men who saw its strategic value and built on its plains a grand capital city. Since then, it has staged some of the most significant episodes in Chinese and world history, and Beijing was the Imperial Capital of the China for almost a 1000 Years. Now, in this fascinating three part series, Beijing's great historical moments are brought to life to tell its story. In this three-part series, the rich history of China's ancient capital city is told using stunning reconstructions and CGI. From the city's conquest and destruction by the Mongol hordes of Ghengis Khan, to the moment when China's last emperor was expelled from the Forbidden City, Beijing's biography is a story of mighty rulers, rebels and renegades. Each episode describes the key events and forces that influenced the formation of this unique city - the capital of the Great Chinese Empire.

Executive Producer : Adrian Ong Director & Writer : Steven Seidenberg Series Producers : Sharon Tan and Ays Tan Narrators : Asha Gill and Mike Ellery

Produced by The Right Angle

A Beijing TV / BBC Worldwide Channels / Media Development Authority of Singapore co-production for BBC Knowledge (2008)

[edit] Centre Of The Cosmos

Today Beijing is the capital of the most populous nation in this planet, but once it was just another border town. And it's hard to imagine that over time this place became the center of the Chinese Empire. How could it happen, and why?

[edit] Barbarians at the Gate

For thousands of years China was separated by a wall from the outside world, but it's name alone attracted travelers and invaders. Their search for fame and fortune became part of the forces in China's destiny. Often they arrived by open gates, but sometimes gates were opened by force.

[edit] Emperors, Conquerors and Rebels

Beijing - the heart of imperial China. A giant stage, and also prison for unfortunate ones. Power to rule attracted conquerors and corrupted leaders. They all left their marks that can be seen in Beijing even today.

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