Early Renaissance Painting 1250-1450

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Arts Documentary hosted by Louise Govier and published by The National Gallery in 2005 - English narration

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Image: Early-Renaissance-Painting-1250-1450-Cover.jpg

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In the late-thirteenth century, the highly patterned and stylised form of painting that dominated the Middle Ages began to give way to a much more naturalistic kind of art.

The way art looked changed dramatically and this film questions why it happened at this particular point and how artists learned to paint with completely new approaches.

The National Gallery's collection presents a unique opportunity to investigate the development of early Italian Renaissance painting.

In this DVD Louise Govier from the National Gallery introduces this extraordinary period of art history through works by artists including Cimabue, Masaccio, Duccio and Piero della Francesca, and explores the cities of Florence and Siena, which are central to an understanding of the period.

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Audio Languages: English
RunTime : 47:27
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Subtitles: ENGLISH
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