The Life of Leonardo da Vinci

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[edit] General Information

Biography Documentary hosted by Giulio Bosetti, published by RAI in 1971 - English narration

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Image: The-Life-of-Leonardo-da-Vinci-Cover.jpg

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The life of Leonardo Da Vinci, the most brilliant mind in history. Who was Leonardo Da Vinci, and what are the secrets behind his genius? Winner of the Golden Globe, this acclaimed docudrama chronicles Leonardo's life from his birth in Florence to his death in France at age 67. Based on eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence, filmed in Italy, it has been hailed as one of the most accurate and accomplished films about the Renaissance master ever made. We witness his most historic triumphs, including the creation of the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, paintings that have become embedded in our collective consciousness. We experience his most bitter defeats, from the crash-landing of his beloved flying machine to the fiery liquefaction of his Battle of Anghiari. We see- and come to understand- the bitterness of his rivalry with Michelangelo, perhaps the only Renaissance artist who was Da Vinci's equal. Based on eyewitness accounts, documentary evidence and informed speculation, this beautifully acted, richly photographed film adds compelling brushstrokes to the Da Vinci legend. Produced by the Italian TV network RAI, the series also aired on CBS in 1972 as "I, Leonardo". DIRECTOR: Renato Castellani PRODUCTION: RAI, ORF, TVE and ISTITUTE LUCE S.P.A.

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