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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Michael Pennington, published by BBC in 2010 - English narration

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Empire Warriors As the Union Jack finally descended on former colonies all over the world after the Second World War, Communist, Nationalist and religious guerrilla forces saw their chance. The British Empire was leaving a dangerous power vacuum in its place. The war to succeed the British had begun.

[edit] Mad Mitch and His Tribal Law

Aden, 1967: Lt Col Colin 'Mad Mitch' Mitchell "Mad Mitch", as he was affectionately known, cut through the British policy of neutral peacekeeping in Aden by leading his Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to retake the terrorist-dominated Crater district of the city. On June 20 British forces had been repulsed from the district with the loss of 22 lives. Mitchell determined to reoccupy it, though he had been warned that 500 well-armed police mutineers and terrorists had taken up positions there and were prepared to fight.

[edit] The Jewish War

On 22nd July 1946, in British-administered Palestine, Jewish guerillas bombed the King David Hotel killing 91 people. Britain told the United Nations it was ending the Palestine mandate and handed the problem to the United Nations. The Arab states and the Arabs of Palestine rejected the U.N. partition, feeling that all the land was theirs. The Jews accepted the plan and on May 14, 1948, led by David Ben-Gurion, declared statehood for Israel. U.S. President Truman recognized Israel immediately, followed shortly after by the Soviet Union. Israel was attacked the next day by the Arab states and Palestinians. What followed was the first major Middle East war over the conflicting national aspirations of the Jews and Palestinians.

[edit] The Intelligence War

Malaya 1948: In Malaya, it took half a decade to turn the tide against the communist guerrillas. But after the early failure of regular army units and aerial bombing, a combination of improved intelligence, generous bounties on dead terrorists and a deliberate policy to deprive the enemy of food and starve them out of the jungle provided a much-needed victory.

[edit] The Hunt for Kimathi

the final episode tells the story of the Mau Mau's charismatic guerrilla leader, Dedan Kimathi, who fought against British rule in 1950s Kenya and was executed days before the country gained independence.

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