Feuertaufe - Baptism Of Fire - Luftwaffe in Poland 1939

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Herbert Gernot, published by Tobis Filmkunst in 1941 - German narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Feuertaufe-Baptism-Of-Fire-Luftwaffe-in-Poland-1939-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

The Legend of the Luftwaffe began in Poland, the first victim of Hitler's blitzkrieg. Combat cameramen filmed the aerial campaign, showing preparations for flight, massive air strikes, and the appalling devastation wreaked upon Polish towns and armies. Highlighted by a lengthy, riveting sequence depicting the siege of Warsaw, Feuertaufe inspired Germany with pride and confidence and foreign viewers with dread. Norbert Schultze's original score lyrically enhances this propaganda masterpiece.

Director: Hans Bertram

Germany, 1940, B&W, 90 minutes, German commentary, English subtitles.

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[edit] Technical Specs

Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
Video Bitrate: 2249 kbps
Video Resolution: 704x552
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.275:1
Frames Per Second: 29.970
Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
Audio Bitrate: 256kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: german
RunTime Per Part: 1:32:45
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 1,62 GiB
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