First Emperor: the Man who Made China (DC)

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Biography Documentary hosted by Eric Meyers, published by Discovery Channel in 2006 - English narration

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Image: First-Emperor-the-Man-who-Made-China-DC-Cover.jpg

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Qin Shi Huang. He is the man who united, and indeed gave China its name. His legacy includes the Great Wall and his astonishing tomb, guarded by the famed Terracotta Army. In 259 BCE, there was no China. There was no unified group of people to call themselves "Chinese," there was no empire, and certainly, there was no Chinese emperor. Indeed, in 259 BCE, the year that Prince named Ying Zheng, the man who became China's first emperor, was born, there was only a group of warring states clustered around the Yellow River. How did this seemingly inconsequential figure become one of the most pivotal monarchs in human history? And how did he unite the warring states to achieve his dream of a unified China? The film follows the first emperor of China's legendary rise, reign and fall, employing cutting-edge science to unlock the secrets of his tomb. Though revered in the East, most westerners have had little knowledge of the great warrior, until now. This drama-documentary offers unprecedented access to new excavations at the main sites, and through dramatic reconstruction, reveals the personality and motivations of this remarkable but still unknown leader. The emperor, Qin Shi Huang, is compared to Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar for commanding millions, uniting China and building the Great Wall. Filmed on location in China, the western crew were granted unprecedented access to Emperor Qin's legendary seven square mile underground burial complex. Filled with more than 8,000 figures, including the terracotta army of soldiers, the Emperor designed it to celebrate his political and military power, and to achieve continued glory in the afterlife. Two thousand years after his death, ground-penetrating radar combined with CGI illustrate for the first time on-screen, the shape, layout and design of the largest unopened tomb in the world. Based on the latest research and including location photography at key sites in China, this film sheds new light on the achievements, ambitions and legacy of this enigmatic and intriguing ruler - an emperor who wished to reign for all eternity. Written and Directed by Nic Young ; Produced by Lion Television and Phoenix Satellite Television for The Discovery Channel

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