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[edit] DocuWiki

[edit] Playback issues

[edit] I see no video, or I get a playback error. Is something wrong?

The most likely explanation is you are missing the codec required to view the video. We use Xvid, DivX and x264 to encode .

[edit] I can see a picture but get no sound, is my download corrupt?

No, nothing is corrupt, but you don't have the capability to play back AC3 sound, this is easily remedied by downloading ac3filter

[edit] I still have problems with jumpiness in my player, what can I do?

Firstly check you have the latest builds of the codec used on the video, either xvid or DivX. If you still have problems, is the media a HDTV encode? If so, it requires a fairly high spec computer to run, old computers cannot handle the load. If not, try VLC Player, which is usually the most compatible player with all video as it has in built codecs. Some of MVGroup's encodes are done with high bitrates and do require computers and video cards strong enough to reproduce them. If your computer is a bit older and/or slower then it may not be possible to properly play these encodes back.

[edit] There are two languages coming out of my player - what should I do?

A few documentaries have been encoded with Multilanguage, so that they can be enjoyed by a wider audience. This especially applies to NewMov/Eagle releases, which have Chinese and English audio.

If you have one of these, you can play it back and switch between the two audio tracks ("streams") in freeware videoplayers such as BS Player and VLC.

Windows Media Player will not currently allow you to switch between the two audio tracks. You can download the Morgan Stream Switcher plugin, which will enable stream switching in WMP.

After you have installed it, you should see a red blob near the bottom-left corner of your WMP window when a multistream movie is loaded. If the blob is showing, you should now be able to use the WMP menus to switch between the two audio tracks.

[edit] Ed2k

A good start for many questions is looking at the Emule Guide or the [official MorphXT FAQ]

[edit] How can I browse the contents of the servers I'm connected to ?

You cannot. The servers themselves have no contents at all, they just provide some communication hub, so clients can find each other. All you can do is to browse the contents of other users, but this option is disabled by default for security reasons. You don't really want everyone peeking into your shared drive. All you can do is to search for certain files and look at the results. But there is no list of all files shared (on Razorback this would be 40Million) Moreover Kademlia works without any servers in a real P2P network.

[edit] I notice that, upon starting emule, my client deletes the credit records of users that I haven't seen for 5(?) months

This worries me. I assume that *my* earned credit is being lost on clients that haven't seen me for 5 months?

There is no way to make your credits last longer than a determined period of time. The reason for this is to keep the credit file at some acceptable size (just image storing all stats about everyone on ed2k ever been). This also makes your share more steady as you can't rely on credits earned months ago.

[edit] I'm always getting a LowID and don't know why. What can I do?

A LowID means that the server couldn't establish a connection to your emule so you probably have some networking and routing problems.

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