Jutland - Clash of the Dreadnoughts

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War Documentary hosted by Sean Pertwee, published by Channel 4 in 2004 - English narration

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Image: Jutland-Clash-of-the-Dreadnoughts-Cover.jpg

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The Battle Of Jutland was the biggest naval battle in history. It was also only the third major fleet action between steel battleships following the battles of the Yellow Sea and Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese War. The only major fleet engagement of World War I, the Battle of Jutland has been surrounded by controversy ever since. The British public felt Admiral Jellicoe had failed – a reaction rooted in a hundred years of the 'Nelson cult', a conviction that anything short of a Trafalgar-style annihilation was letting the side down. On the 31st of May 1916 – 251 British and German battleships set out to annihilate one another in the North Sea. In a vicious engagement that lasted over 12 hours – 25 huge ships were sunk and 8,600 lives were lost. The German Fleet had sunk more ships and suffered fewer casualties, but the British had forced them to disengage and run for port and were still cruising off Denmark spoiling for a fight. This two-hour special tells the true story of the battle. An international team of marine divers and historians set out to explore the wrecks of the great Dreadnoughts that lie 100 miles from shore and up to 60 metres deep. The dives will at last reveal why the British navy failed to score a decisive victory.

Narrated by Sean Pertwee Executive Producer Hamish Barbour Director Tony Bulley Producer Peter Jamieson

A Dreadnought/Ideal World production for Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel (2004)

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