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History, Technology Documentary hosted by William McInnes and published by Others in 2002 - English narration

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[edit] Batavia's Bones

The terrible tale of the Batavia in 1629 is one of the most incredible stories of shipwreck ever recorded and one of the bloodiest chapters in Australia's history.

When bones of victims are unexpectedly uncovered, a mass grave is revealed. Police forensic scientists team up with maritime archaeologists to investigate a murder mystery that is over 400 year old.

As more bodies are discovered the story of this horrific event unfolds.Using modern forensic science and cutting edge technology this modern day detective story attempts to solve a mystery of the past and give the victims back their identity.

[edit] Pacific Graveyard

Beneath the tranquil blue waters of Truk Lagoon lie the remains of one of World War II's most explosive scenes of ocean warfare. In February 1944, two days of relentless air attacks by American forces devastated the Japanese naval fleet's base on Truk, killing thousands, crippling supply lines and sending over two hundred thousand tonnes of military hardware to the bottom of the Lagoon.

Since the 1960s, the Truk Lagoon wrecks have become revered as a mecca for divers and a treasure trove of historic World War II artefacts. Despite this, one shipwreck remains undiscovered - the Sapporo Maru, a special transport ship sunk in a wave of attacks by American B-24s. The Shipwreck Detectives are hot on its trail.

[edit] Bay of Fire

In 1942 Japanese Zeros attacked Australia for the first time causing carnage and tragedy. For 60 years sunken flying boats and aircraft have lain undisturbed in murky and dangerous waters in and around Broome, on the remote Western Australian coast.

In the unique and beautiful pearling town, rumours of stolen artifacts and a cache of lost diamonds spark fears of treasure hunters destroying the historic remains.

Clever and determined detective work is required. Very few of the sites are known and a jigsaw of information must be assembled for success. Treacherous bushland must be crossed to reach the crash site of the 'flight of diamonds'.

Against the odds, a team of maritime archaeologists brave dangerous currents, poor visibility and deadly marine animals to discover the whereabouts and uncover the secrets of the lost flying boats.

[edit] Secrets Of The Ancient Seas

Beneath the oceans of the world lie countless shipwrecks - time capsules - waiting to be discovered and explored. A special team of scientists is on a mission to find these precious relics and unlock the secrets to their underwater world. Episode two of Shipwreck Detectives: Secrets of the Ancient Seas screens Thursday, January 25 at 8.30pm. In the ancient waters of the Mediterranean, shipwreck detective Jeremy Green is looking for the oldest shipwrecks in the world. He's been invited to help the shipwreck team from the world-leading Institute of Nautical Archaeology on this year's expedition. Despite a glorious past, the INA are in trouble. Unless they find a new shipwreck the future of the institute hangs in the balance - no shipwreck, no funding.

The team has six weeks to find a shipwreck worthy of exploration; the team begin by using Jeremy's sonar technique in the main trade route of the Mediterranean. This is the first time Jeremy has used his technique to look for ancient shipwrecks and while the sonar equipment marks a few places of interest, further exploration in Carolyn the mini submersible, proves fruitless.

[edit] Vanishing Ships of War

Beneath the oceans of the world lie countless shipwrecks - time capsules - waiting to be discovered and explored. A special team of scientists is on a mission to find these precious cargoes of the past and unlock the secrets to their underwater world. Shipwreck Detectives series two features three 54 minute episodes screening Thursdays at 8.30pm from January 18, 2007.

In the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Shipwreck Detective Jeremy Green is on his latest mission. He's in pursuit of the wrecks of two ships lost at a critical time of World War II - a time Churchill called the most dangerous moment - the Battle of Ceylon.

Jeremy's on the hunt for the British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, and her escort, the Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire. To commemorate the anniversary of the sinking, the expedition has been timed to coincide with the arrival of veterans from both the Hermes and Vampire. The hope is the team can find both ships before the veterans arrive.

[edit] Teardrop of Treasure

On a dangerous reef in Sri Lanka lies a wreck that has been systematically plundered by treasure hunters. Its identity remains one of the most enduring mysteries of maritime archaeology. Another wreck - the Dolphin - went down carrying twenty-nine chests of silver and has never been found. Jeremy and Corioli want to find the wreck and its treasure before it is looted of all its precious cargo.

In Galle harbour, another important wreck is being excavated, the 17th Avondster. It has become the focus of a major international training program in excavation and preservation based at Sri Lanka's fledgling maritime archaeological unit.

After several hours of searching for the Dolphin, Jeremy and Corioli are forced to call off the search as the weather conditions start to deteriorate and the swell rises. With the weather taking a turn for the worse, Jeremy and Corioli decide to postpone their search for the Dolphin until they return in the New Year. Within days of the team leaving, a massive earthquake in Asia sends forth a dark wave of destruction.

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