Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings

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History Documentary hosted by Albert Lin, published by National Geographic in 2017 - English narration

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Image: Lost-Treasures-of-the-Maya-Snake-Kings-Cover.jpg

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Deep in the jungles of Guatemala, archaeologists have uncovered ground-breaking discoveries that are set to re-write the history of one of the world's most mysterious and iconic ancient civilisations.

National Geographic is exploring the scale and sophistication of the ancient Maya civilization in this archaeology special. Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings examines the mysterious ancient Maya civilization. The film offers exclusive access to new research revealing vast, long-forgotten cities hidden under acres of rainforest.

The Maya are known for their magnificent ancient cities that stand like sentinels in the dense jungles of Central America. But much of this civilisation has remained unseen and unexplored. Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings follows intrepid on-the-ground archaeology revealing brand new finds, as well as exclusive research, which is creating an extraordinary "treasure map" of the Maya world from the air.

Cutting edge technology, known as a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data exposes thousands of man-made structures including pyramids, royal tombs, towns and villages. With this unique insight, the famous Mayan site of Tikal is found to be just a fraction of an immense hidden metropolis. Meanwhile, new discoveries in the more remote areas of northern Guatemala reveal an extensive network of ancient settlements spreading across the country with networks of roadways and complex systems of agriculture.

Archaeologists involved in the project have heralded the findings as the greatest advance in our understanding of the Maya in over a hundred years. While the archaeologists piece together the complexity and breadth of the Maya civilization, they also look at the royal dynasty responsible for ruling the vast society – the Snake Kings. This royal lineage rose to dominate the Maya world through conquest, marriage and puppet kings.

The film follows National Geographic explorer Albert Lin as he is dropped into the jungle and hikes for miles to locate one of the newly revealed structures.

Produced by Wild Blue Media for National Geographic in Association with Channel 4

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