Narco Wars 2: The Mob

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[edit] General Information

Sociopolitical Documentary with no narration published by National Geographic in 2021 - English language

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Image: Narco-Wars-2-The-Mob-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

A history of the Italian American Mafia's involvement in the US drugs trade. In 2016, almost a million Americans used heroin, double the number of users in the 1970s. America's mob was responsible for it. American Mafia families were caught smuggling and selling illicit drugs as early as the 1950s, in addition to gambling and other illegal activities. These organized groups paved the way for future drug cartels that focused on drugs for their revenue. Although the Mafia has long been associated with drug trafficking, it wasn't always this way. There was a lengthy period when Mafia dons were unwilling to allow their underlings deal in narcotics. But the allure of huge, easy money proved to be too much to avoid the business. Using shocking actuality from the frontline in the war on drugs alongside in-depth interviews with mobsters and lawmen, 'Narco Wars: The Mob' examines the Mafia's role in creating America's drug problem. Despite publicly condemning the narcotics business, in reality the 'men of honor' have long been some of America's biggest drug traffickers... Produced and Directed by Josh Sykes ; A Wall to Wall Media Ltd. Production for National Geographic Network US, LLC.

[edit] The Heroin Don

Carmine Galante was the mafia boss who industrialized heroin smuggling to the United States in the 1970s. This brutal psychopath let nothing stand in his way, and hired ruthless Sicilian executioners to do the job for him. But greed and ambition got the better of him, and he provoked anger among not only other mafia bosses but also his own recruits - and had to pay the ultimate price.

[edit] The Mafia Meth King

Through interviews with Long John Martorano's family, criminal associates and the prosecutor who convicted him, this episode reveals - for the first time in a documentary - how Martorano built a methamphetamine empire worth 500 million USD in the 1980s. Martorano made millions from trading P2P, the precursor chemical required for meth, but was eventually brought down by his supplier in an FBI sting operation.

[edit] Drugs, Bugs and the Dapper Don

In 80's New York, John Gotti violates the mafia's most sacred rules to protect his drug empire. He assassinates the leader of one of America's most powerful mafia families and seizes power to become the infamous "Teflon Don". But while Gotti enjoys his newfound celebrity status, the FBI mounts a covert operation to bring him down. And when greed and arrogance get the better of Gotti, his most trusted captain turns rat, exposing him and threatening the future of the New York Mafia.

[edit] How 'E' Busted the Bull

After helping to take down 38 leading mafiosi including John Gotti, Sammy Gravano tries to live an honest life in Arizona, but gets sucked into a major ecstasy-dealing ring after his kids get a taste for raving. His children are recruited by an ecstasy dealer and soon get the police on their heels. After working undercover at rave parties, police use wiretapping to secure conclusive evidence: In February 2000, Sammy was caught financing a delivery of 10,000 pills.

[edit] The Addict who Took Down the Mafia

Henry Hill was just a simple low-level Mob associate, but his 1980 arrest for drug dealing brings about the downfall of the Mafia crew responsible for the largest heist in U.S. history. After being immortalized in the Scorcese classic "Goodfellas", we see here the true story of Henry Hill told through never-before-seen photos, newly discovered wiretapping tapes and exclusive interviews with, among others, his ex-wife Karen Hill.

[edit] The Cocaine Godfather

The Rizzuto family was one of the longest ruling dynasties in mafia history and created a multi-billion dollar cocaine empire across two continents. The family forged ties with everything from Colombian cartels to motorcycle gangs and led an international syndicate that smuggled tons of cocaine to the United States and Canada. But in a world where loyalty is sacred, only one rat is needed to destroy everything.

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