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[edit] General Information

History, Nature Documentary published by BBC in 2009 - English narration

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Ray Mears Northern Wilderness Ray Mears has spent his life developing a brand of survival skills he calls 'wilderness bushcraft'-a philosophy that humans should live closer to nature, as the Bushmen do. This series sees him put his skills into practice as he heads into the Northern Wilderness; dispensing tips, knowledge and collecting amazing stories, while he soaks up the indigenous culture and explores a wide variety of natural habitats in the Boreal Forest, the Hudson Bay, the frozen tundra and the Rocky Mountains.

[edit] The Forgotten Forest

Ray Mears takes an epic adventure into Canada's unforgiving, yet stunning wilderness. His journey begins in the vast Boreal Forest at the heart of Canada. This is a place where knowledge and experience are still far more important than the equipment you carry, a place left alone for centuries before Europeans arrived. Ray explores the wonder of this special forest, learns about the people who called it home and unlocks the secrets of this forgotten world. This is a land where knowledge of bush craft is not just desirable, it is essential.

[edit] The Company that Built a Country

As Ray makes his journey, across land and by canoe, he tells the story of one of the greatest companies the world has ever known - the Hudson's Bay Company that opened up Canada. Ray discovers how those early fur traders were pioneers who laid the foundations of modern Canada. He also demonstrates local crafts and bush craft skills that bring the landscape to life

[edit] The Unknown Pioneer

For Ray Mears there is one British pioneer who stands above all others in the exploration of Canada, Samuel Hearne. In learning to travel using First Nations' skills, he set the template for successful travel into Canada's wilderness. In a celebration of one of Earth's last great wildernesses, Ray follows in the footsteps of his hero's epic journey of over one thousand miles

[edit] In Arctic Footsteps

In this episode, Ray follows in the footsteps of unsung British hero John Rae, who was the first great Arctic explorer and came to be regarded as the foremost authority on First Nation methods of Arctic survival and travel. Ray Mears follows the story of how John Rae found the Northwest Passage - the Holy Grail of 19th-century exploration

[edit] The Star Gazer

In this episode, Ray follows in the footsteps of David Thompson, a Briton who helped change the face of Canada by mapping four million square miles of North America. Ray explores Thompson's footsteps across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, drawing on a new set of bush craft skills and local knowledge and investigating the mapping techniques used by Thompson

[edit] Journey s End

Until David Thompson found a route through the Rockies; the west coast was effectively cut off from the rest of Canada. The unique cultures, skills and landscape of Canada's far west make it a rich and diverse place, a place where totem poles once dominated the landscape and people relied on the sea. Ray explores its bushcraft, nature and traditions as he completes his journey across Canada

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