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[edit] Posting Rules

  • Post only Documentaries
  • For download only ed2k-Links are allowed and mandatory. However you may and should include links to other release posts which may contain other download types.
  • The movie can have any number of audio languages, but one of them must be english. English description is mandatory
  • The naming should conform these rules:
  • Include the original Release Post (if available)
  • Include the official description on Publishers Website (and a link to it if available)
  • Give credits to the ripper (if available)
  • Avoid posting poor quality videos. As a general guideline only certain video encoders can return a decent quality: Xvid, DivX, x264 and MP4 . All others should be avoided. This is only a general guideline and the use of those encoders does not guarantee good quality. If in doubt, just ask.
  • Avoid posting poor quality contents. If you deem the contents to be severely flawed or to not qualify as a Documentary, don't post it.

The Subject should be selected based upon the main focus of the documentary and not the tools used

[edit] Creating a New Page for a Documentary

You can use the PostBot to create a page and all links to it automatically

If you're missing some options from the Select-Boxes you might need to add a link to the appropiate section first.

For example you want to add a Documentary with some Language not yet listed.

  • Enter Category: followed by the language of your choice into the search box on the left. Example: Category:Hindi
  • Click on Go. The Wiki will tell you, that this page does not yet exist and shows you a link to create it. Click that one.
  • As text for the new page you only need to enter [[Category:Language]] if you're adding a new language or [[Category:Publisher]] for new publishers, etc.
    This will make the new page a member of the top-level categories.
  • once you click on Save Page, the new Language should appear in the Language category listing. If it does, you're done. Postbot will show it after a refresh.

Note: If a documentary was made/published by several publishers, try to stick to the major ones

[edit] Editing existing Pages

  • Whenever you edit the related documentaries of an entry to add links, remember to add backlinks as well.
  • This means if, for example, you find another documentary (A) that is related to one you were just watching (B) and add its Name to the list of related documentaries, don't forget to add documentary (A) to the list of related documentaries of (B) and vice versa.
  • Then, if you think a related documentary isn't really related also remove both links, on the source and the target page.
  • If you rename a page make sure to use the Rename this page-link in the left hand menu to have all references updated!

All this is taken care of when you use PostBot to add pages as it will take care of consistent links. You only need to be considerate when making the selections to avoid editing later.

Backlinks on Category Pages are automatically created by the Wiki

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