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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary narrated by Austin Stevens published by Discovery Channel in 2005 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Nothing will stop Austin Stevens from trying to get that perfect photo. In Austin Stevens: Snakemaster, camera-bearing Austin wades through swamps and into deep caves teeming with bats, scorpions and spiders; he zooms along dusty trails in Australia's outback on a dirt bike; and he braves perilous white-water rapids and waterfalls. And the danger doesn't stop there! Once he reaches his goal he must face venemous snakes, avoid their lightning-fast strikes, and set up for the perfect picture. With several clicks, Austin's photographs capture the beauty and diversity of these adaptable reptiles. Each episode features a new snake, a new adventure, a new photo op.

[edit] In Search of the Giant Anaconda

Having tackled the most venomous snakes in Africa, Austin Stevens seeks out the largest and most powerful snake in the world. A snake which can weigh over 1,000 lbs, with a girth of 44 inches. One of the few snakes in the world that actually preys on humans. Throwing a 'death loop' of coils around its hapless victim this monster is capable of crushing a man to death. Austin plans to photograph one of these feared beasts in its natural habitat. To do that he'll need to wrestle it from the water. Austin is a black belt in Kung-Fu, but he has been undergoing additional training for this mission for the last twelve months, working on the amount of time he can stay underwater, and increasing his upper body strength. Now there is no turning back´┐Ż

[edit] In Search of the King Cobra

Snake photographer extraordinaire, Austin Stevens leaves his South African home for the forests of India. More people die from snakebite here than anywhere else in the world, and Austin is in search of the world's longest venomous snake - the legendary King Cobra.

[edit] In Search of the Ultimate Pit Viper

Brave whitewater rapids in Central America's pristine rainforest to track the most deadly snake in the Americas, the lancehead pit viper; the giant lancehead is lightning fast, with extremely potent venom and highly acute sensors for detecting prey.

[edit] Valley of the Snakes

Delve deep into the Queensland rainforest to find the elusive amethystine python; on a journey that has cost explorers their lives, Austin braves threatening storms, treacherous terrain and deadly reptiles to photograph this enormous constrictor.

[edit] Rattlers of the Wild West

Austin travels to the wild west in search of one of its 'most wanted' inhabitants - the western diamondback rattlesnake; his intuitive, expert knowledge is tested to the limit as he gets up close and personal with the rattlers on their turf.

[edit] In Search of Desert Giants

Feeling at home in the wilderness of the Namib desert, Austin attempts to photograph rare desert elephants; their need to cover vast distances in search of food and water makes these pachyderms difficult to find and temperamental.

[edit] In Search of the Monster Rattler

Trek through majestic pine forests and mysterious Tupelo swamps of northern Florida to find the eastern diamondback rattlesnake; the Appalachicola River is home to the legendary reptile that kills nearly half the people it bites.

[edit] The Snake That Killed Cleopatra

Austin is on an extraordinary mission to find the most famous snake in history, the snake that killed Cleopatra

[edit] In Search of the Giant Lizard

Austin Stevens travels to Australia in search of the Perentie Lizard. Using a dead kangaroo carcass to lure Perenties out of their burrows.

[edit] In Search of the Komodo Dragon

Swim with the Komodo dragons of cannibal Rock, then witness their speed and agility on land as a group of ravenous dragons gorge themselves on a recent kill; the goal of this expedition is to capture the dragon's aggressive courtship rituals on film.

[edit] In Search of the Man Eating Python

Bushwhack into the heart of Borneo to find the unpredictable reticulated python; Austin treks through nearly impenetrable jungle to find a nine-metre-long specimen known for striking with lightning speed and razor-sharp teeth.

[edit] In Search of the Silent Fate

Austin cheats death on the trail of the bushmaster, the largest venomous snake in the Americas; our intrepid guide fights malarial fever, angry llamas, and a bird-eating spider to track down the elusive pit viper.

[edit] In Search of the Flying Snake

Steven is off on an adventure in search of the flying snake

[edit] Most Striking Moments

Herptologist, photographer and adventurer, Austin Stevens, is a true veteran of his field having survived near death experiences and venomous snake bites, all in order to record and photograph the world's most dangerous animals.
This is a two hour special that shows some of his most striking moments.

[edit] Screenshots

Image: Snakemaster_Screen0.jpg

Image: Snakemaster_Screen1.jpg

Image: Snakemaster_Screen2.jpg

Image: Snakemaster_Screen3.jpg

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: DivX6
  • Video Bitrate: 4100+ on average
  • Video Resolution: 1280x720
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1:1.78
  • Video Framerate: 29.97
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio Bitrate: 384 kb/s, 48kHz
  • Audio Channels: 2
  • Runtime per Part: 45 mins on average
  • Number of Parts: 13
  • Part Size: 1400 Mb
  • Subtitles: None, TV Capture
  • Ripped by: IM

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