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Nature Documentary published by Discovery Channel in 2005 - English narration

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Image: Snakebite-Cover.jpg

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[edit] Anaconda

No animal in the Amazon is more feared and respected than the world's largest and most powerful snake, the Anaconda. Fully grown, it can approach a length of 30 feet, and weigh close to a quarter of a ton. Physically, no animal in the New World can match its strength. Worshipped as a god and feared for its magic, the Anaconda stands alone at the top of the hierarchy of predators in the Amazon and is the living symbol of the river.

Although able to consume up to 95% of their own body weight the Anaconda can go for months, even years without food. Up until the early 90's studying this magnificent animal proved difficult as it was poached to near extinction, but with bans on the hunting of the Anaconda in place since then the exploitation of this great snake has thankfully dropped dramatically.

This programme ventures deep into the forests and swamps of South America to bring to our living rooms one of the most powerful hunters on the planet.

[edit] Cobra - The King of the Snakes

The natural history of the Cobra is linked to its symbolic role in Asian culture. In this programme we take a detailed look at the various species of Cobras and explore the facts and myths surrounding their habitat and behaviour, including their role in traditional ceremonies. We learn how Cobras form their hoods in a sign of warning and how some have the ability to shoot their poison through their fangs.

Tales are heard from snake handlers who have been bitten by King Cobras and we unravel the methods used to produce anti-venom. We also look at the secrets behind the ancient art of snake charming and the fact the snake cares little for the tune but responds to the movement of the charmer.

Finally, through doing what comes naturally, we see how spectacled Cobras in Sri Lanka have developed friendships with rice farmers by killing the rats which destroy the farmers' crops. With greater understanding perhaps Cobras will be seen as the kings they are.

[edit] In Search of the King Cobra

Snake Expert, Austin Stevens, features in this pacy, heart-stopping DVD as we follow him on his brave quest to find a massive King Cobra deep in the forests along the coast of South West India.

No other snake grows to the size of the King Cobra, but they are shy and reclusive moving quietly and leaving no trace. This makes his mission of photographing one of these massive snakes all the more difficult. Hugging the Arabian Sea, Austin ventures for days off the beaten track, along the way he finds other species of Cobra including the beautiful but formidable Spectacled Cobra and makes it dance by using his hands.

However the King of all Snakes remains elusive. Austin travels further North to the remote forests of Wayanad using Elephants to get him there. Eventually, with Austin near to giving up, it is a shed snakeskin that gives him his breakthrough. Sure enough a twenty year old, fifteen foot King Cobra is not far away and we document incredible footage of Austin handling the deadly beast and even managing to achieve his life long goal of touching a wild King Cobra on the back of its head.

[edit] Rattlesnake

From coast to coast, Rattlesnakes, many of them beautifully marked, have inched their way from Southern Canada right down through Mexico and beyond. A few even thrive on remote islands. But one thing unites them all, the most chilling sound in nature - their rattle.

This programme follows a year in the life of a young Western Diamondback as we explore the birth, feeding habits, hibernation and predation of various species including the little known Ridgenose Rattlesnake.

We watch Rattlesnakes hunt using their heat-seeking forked tongue and sensors, understand how they can breath with their mouths full and how they can digest their food. We discover how these deadly creatures are extremely able swimmers, what their rattle is made of, how often they reproduce, how long their gestation periods are and why they get together annually to hibernate.

We also meet Rattlesnakes predators such as the Common King Snake and learn what tactics Rattlesnakes have utilised in order to survive and become one of the most terrifying creatures in nature.

[edit] Sea Serpents

Snakes have slithered their way across the face of the earth for over 100 million years, but recently they have conquered a profoundly different environment, the ocean. Their invasion has taken place in the blink of an evolutionary eye. Now over 50 species of these cold-blooded intruders have colonised the world's tropical seas. Feared by bathers and divers alike, their venom is among the most toxic of any creature. Much about Sea Snakes remains a mystery and numerous questions about them need answering. What made them abandon the land, how often do they need to breath, how often do they eat, how territorial are they, why do they return to land, are they aggressive by nature and what are their secrets to survival?

The search for clues leads us to an extraordinary place that is the Sea-Snake capital of the world - Ashmore Reef. Here 500 miles West of Darwin, we reveal the very private lives of these serpents of the sea.

[edit] Snakes - the Ultimate Guide

Except for the Polar Regions and a few islands, snakes have spread throughout the world. Venom and fangs are found in only a quarter of snakes but of the 2700 species all have developed methods of attack and defence that are adapted to habitats ranging from forest to desert. Creatures without limbs, snakes have turned an apparent disadvantage into an evolutionary success.

This definitive programme analyses every facet of snakes from their senses such as taste, heat and sight to their defence mechanisms such as venom, scales and camouflage. We look at snakebites which kill about twenty five thousand people a year and use DNA to understand how snakes have evolved.

Uncovered are the mating rituals of the different species and the wonders of birth, 70 percent of which are from eggs. We study snakes' complex system of muscle fibres and tendons that allow their flexibility of movement and we delve into the spiritual influences snakes have had on cultures around the world. With every aspect of their lives and development examined, this truly is the Ultimate Guide to Snakes.

[edit] The Beauty of Snakes

Snakes inspire fear and loathing, fascination and awe. To some cultures, they are pure evil whilst others worship them as gods. The snake is a creature like no other, a spellbinding seductress and a killing machine. They are also the most mesmerizing creatures on earth. Beneath a mosaic of shimmering scales, their slim, supple bodies move with elegance. They glide over the planet with speed and stealth while their sleek, powerful curves are dressed in some of nature's most magnificent colours and patterns.

We explore every aspect of their mysterious lives. How they mate, give birth, hunt and feed, move and sense the world around them - all in startling detail. From the deserts of Namibia to the forests of the Amazon, we bring you the beauty of snakes as they have never been shown before. Snake-mounted cameras show off their remarkable control and grace as well as the blazing speed with which they strike.

Now from the safety of your living room, you can truly admire the elegance, prowess and mystique that is the beauty of snakes.

[edit] The Ten Deadliest Snakes

This terrifying programme follows renowned animal lover, Steve Irwin, on a trip of a lifetime as he sets out to find the world's ten most venomous snakes, all of which are found in Australia.

This is Steve at his very best as he travels thousands of miles from Darwin in the North to Reevesby Island, south of Adelaide to find, handle and explain all about the deadliest snakes in the world.

Highlights include the Death Adder, which wriggles its tail like a worm to lure its prey, the Tiger Snake, which gives Steve a terrible time by incessantly striking at him as well as Steve being licked by a wild female Fierce Snake, the most venomous snake in the world. Above all, Steve is here to demonstrate that there is room in the world for both snakes and humans and encourages us to show more respect and less fear and let them enjoy their share of the planet.

[edit] Screenshots

Image: Snakebite-Screen0.jpg Image: Snakebite-Screen1.jpg

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: DivX
  • Video Bitrate: see file
  • Video Resolution: see file
  • Video Aspect Ratio: see file
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio BitRate: 192kb/s
  • Audio Channels: 2
  • RunTime Per Part: see file
  • Number Of Parts: 8
  • Part Size: ~700MB

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Discovery.In.Search.of.the.King.Cobra.2004.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.avi (697.53 Mb) Subtitles: [eng]
Discovery.In.Search.of.the.King.Cobra.2004.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.idx (129.00 Kb)
Discovery.In.Search.of.the.King.Cobra.2004.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.sub (11.45 Mb)
Discovery.Sea.Serpents.1999.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.avi (697.54 Mb) Subtitles: [chi] [eng]
Discovery.Sea.Serpents.1999.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE-Sub.rar (2.06 Mb)
Discovery.The.Beauty.of.Snakes.2004.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.avi (697.29 Mb) Subtitles: [eng]
Discovery.The.Beauty.of.Snakes.2004.Dualaudio.DVDRiP.XviD-EaGlE.idx (77.41 Kb)
Discovery.The.Beauty.of.Snakes.2004.Dualaudio.DVDRiP.XviD-EaGlE.rar (1.77 Mb)
Discovery.Ten.Deadliest.Snakes.In.The.World.1996.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE.avi (696.57 Mb) Subtitles: [eng]
Discovery.Ten.Deadliest.Snakes.In.The.World.1996.DVDRip.XviD-EAGLE-Sub.rar (2.12 Mb)

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