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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Graham McTavish and Mike Mundell, published by Discovery Channel in 1998 - English narration

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[edit] Information

World War II was the first great technological war. Innovations included long range missiles, submarines, fighters and bombers and of course Tanks! Armoured clashes were on a scale never seen before or since. Tanks were a significant factor in most of the main fighting theatres, from North Africa to Russia and northern France. They featured in some of the critical battles of the war, such as El Alamein in 1942 and Kursk in 1943. Some of the largest tank battles took place in the desperate struggle between Germany and Soviet Russia. The Russians had the T-34, a tank that was well armed, versatile and manufactured in huge numbers. It played a key role in helping turn the tide on the Eastern Front in favour of Soviet Russia. In the early years of the war, Germany held the initiative. German forces used Blitzkrieg tactics in France in 1940, making full use of the speed and armour of tanks to break through enemy defences. By the later years of the war, the German advantage had lessened. Whilst German forces benefitted from the huge armaments of tanks like the Tiger, the industrial might of the Allies meant they had tanks in larger quantities. Allied tank designs also improved, as did their tactical use of armour. This 12 episode series takes the viewer inside the steel clad fighting machines who helped define this conflict. Experience the desert campaigns of the Tiger Tanks, roll out with the German legendary Panzer Divisions and conquer the enemy with the Sherman Duplex Drive. This unique series features rare footage from Russian, German and Allied sources, superb 3D graphics, interviews with the world's leading tank experts and historians, including David Fletcher, Professor John Erickson, Dr Simon Trew and Dr William Atwater, and film footage of the surviving tanks today. A Cromwell Production

[edit] Tigers in the Desert

Although they were few in number, the legendary Tiger tank carved out a reputation out of all proportion to its limited numbers.
This fascinating episode draws on rare archive footage, stunning new animation and the views of leading armour authorities and Tank veterans from World War II to paint an intriguing picture of the deployment and use of armour in the desert war.
Tigers in the Desert features a detailed examination of one of the last remaining Tigers in the word and a vivid reconstruction of the crew in action.

[edit] Steel Tigers

The famous Tiger Tanks of the German Panzer forces were only available at the hard pressed front in modest quantites, but this tiny force forged a legend out of all proportion to its size.
The humble T-34, the standard battle tank of the Russian army, was outclassed and outgunned by the excellent Tigers and Panthers of the German Wehrmacht, but it was built in enough numbers to win the war.
The allies had their equally uninspired Sherman, but they had thousands of them. One Tiger alone destroyed over 150 T-34s but it was never enough. In the end quantity won – but it was a near run thing.

[edit] Michael Wittmann: Tiger Ace

Michael Wittmann was the legendary Tiger Tank commander who saw action in some of the most hotly contested tank battles of World War 2.
With over 160 kills the much decorated Wittmann is justifiably famous for his amazing exploits in the battle of Villers Bocage. This comprehensive film portrait of Wittman features rare footage from battlefields and graphics.

[edit] Blitzkrieg: Lightning War

This is the powerful story of the creation and deployment of the Panzer Divisions, the chief cog in Hitler's war machine. A new form of warfare to which Germany's enemies had no answer. The story of 'lightning war' – Hitler's terrifying, ruthless but highly effective tactic which brought countries such as Poland and Czechoslovakia to their knees during the early months of World War Two. Originally conceived during the Great War, the Germans added air power and the crucial element of political surprise to the concept of Blitzkrieg.
Featuring rare archive film, stunning 3D graphics, new footage of surviving machines and unique insights from Dr Niall Barr of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and Professor John Erickson from the University of Edinburgh, leading authorities on armoured warfare.

[edit] Sturmartillerie

The fast moving Panzer Grenadier formations of the Blitzkrieg needed a mobile, well armoured artillery presence to support their lightning thrusts into Poland, France and Russia. They found it in the form of the Sturmartillerie. This is the story of the developments which led to the Wespe, Hummel and the super heavy mortars of the Karl series.
This episode contains: Extensive use of rare footage from Russian, German and Allied sources. Superb 3D graphics to illustrate the design and development of the Sturmartillerie. The view of the worlds leading tank experts and historians, including David Fletcher, Professor John Erickson and Dr William Atwater. New footage of surviving Panzers. Features the self-propelled guns Wirbelwind, the Karl Super Mortar, Wespe, Hummel, Goliath, and more.

[edit] Sturmgeschutze

A survey of the German Panzer forces of the Second World War, which includes extensive use of rare footage from Russian, German and Allied sources, the view of the world's leading tank experts and historians and new footage of surviving Panzers.
The Assault Guns and Tank Hunters of the Panzer Divisions played a vital role in the German Army of World War II. This exciting survey of the Panzer Forces of World War II was made with the help of the Bovington Tank Museum, the Muckleburgh Collection and the US Army Ordnance Museum in Maryland. Episode features the Sturmgeschutze and variants, the Sturm Tiger, Brumbar, Nashorn, Jagdpanther, Marder, Hetzer, Panzerjaeger IV, Elefant and more.

[edit] The Fall of France

The Fall of France traces the role of the armoured forces on both sides in the dramatic battles which led to the great German victory in 1940.
Featuring rare archive footage, stunning 3D animation and a detailed examination of the machines by David Fletcher of the Royal Armoured Corps Tank Museum at Bovington, and writer and historian Bob Carruthers. "The Fall of France" is a powerful portrait of a turning point in military history.

[edit] Barbarossa

This is the powerful story of how Adolph Hitler was able to harness the potential of the tank to bring the mighty Soviet Union to its knees.
This episode features rare archive film, informative 3D graphics, new footage of surviving machines and the views of some of the leading authorities on armoured warfare, including David Fletcher of the Royal Tank Museum and German army veteran Gerry Majewski, and author and historian Bob Carruthers.

[edit] The Battle of Kursk

Operation Citadel, the great German offensive designed to deliver a knockout blow against the salient at Kursk was to prove the last great armoured offensive in the East. New machines such as the Elefant took their bow and the trusty Panzer III came to the end of the line.
Featuring 3D graphics, rare archive film and the unique insights of leading authorities on armoured warfare, this is a powerful insight into the greatest clash of armour in World War Two.

[edit] The Battles for Normandy

The highly specialised and adapted British armour played a leading role in the tank battles in Normandy. The Churchill AVRE, the Sherman Duplex Drive and a host of other variants each played their part in defeating the forces of Nazi Germany.
Made with the help of the Tank Museum at Bovington, The Battles for Normandy features rare archive footage, the experiences of the veterans and the unique insights of Dr Stephen Badsey of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and David Fletcher of The Royal Tank Museum at Bovington; Britain's leading authorities on tanks in combat.

[edit] The Ardennes Offensive

The ill fated Ardennes Offensive, better known to the allies as the Battle Of The Bulge was Hitler's last great gamble in the west during World War II. It was here that the Panzers and the mighty King Tigers played their last significant role.
3D computer graphics, archive footage and expert commentary combine to recreate WWII's Battle of the Bulge. This constituted Hitler's final attempt to wrest control on the Western Front, as he pushed his troops forward in Ardennes. Heading the offensive were the German's most effective armoured vehicles: the Panzer and the King Tigers. Made with the help of the Royal Tank Museum at Bovington, this powerful film features rare archive footage, stunning 3D animation, full scale reconstructions and the views of the leading authorities on tank warfare, including Dr Robin Clifton of Warwick University and writer Bob Carruthers.

[edit] On Campaign

The everyday lives of the men who drove and fought the machines of World War Two. They had to be not only warriors, but engineers and mechanics. What did you see through the limited view of the drivers vision slit? How exactly did you aim the main gun of a Tiger?
This is a powerful and penetrating insight into the lives of the tank crews who fought in the Panzer divisions during World War II. On Campaign paints a comprehensive picture of how the tanks fought, how the crews functioned and the measures the infantry took to combat the armoured juggernauts.
With rare archive footage, stunning new animation and the views of leading authorities on armoured warfare including Dr Simon Trew of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst and Dr William Atwater of the US Army Ordnance Museum in Washington.

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