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History, Technology Documentary hosted by Robyn Williams and published by Others in 2004 - English narration

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Almost as big as a battleship yet lighter than air, giant airships remain the largest flying objects ever built. From the makers of 'The Battleships', 'The Airships' series reveals the dynamic role these remarkable flying machines played in history, peacetime and war in 3 enthralling episodes. Steeped in the dramas of international political intrigue, it is a saga of extraordinary men and nations in a quest to dominate the skies.

Airships pioneered aerial bombing; made the first around-the-world passenger flight; carried explorers to the North Pole; established the first aerial passenger services between Europe, New York,and South America; and became flying aircraft carriers in the US Navy.

The Hindenburg disaster all but destroyed their credibility. But today, more airships are flying than ever before, designed and built by a new breed of aviation pioneers. Craft designed to rival satellites in the stratosphere, to transport enormous cargoes, and to act as surveillance and communication platforms herald a new age for the air.

Episodes include:
1. Lift off (1890-1922)
2. Ship of dreams (1923-1930)
3. Forced Landing (1931-present and beyond)

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