The Battle of Midway

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War Documentary hosted by Charles J. Kahlenberg and published by Others in 2005 - English narration

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June 1942 - By any ordinary standard, the United States Navy was hopelessly outclassed. They had no battleships, the enemy eleven. They had eight cruisers, the enemy twenty three. They had three carriers (one of them crippled) the enemy had eight... They knew little of wa. On one of the carriers none of the Navy pilots had ever seen combat, nor had any of the Army fliers. Of the Marines, 17 of 21 new pilots were just out of flight school - some with less than four hours of flying time since then. They were plagued with equipment problems. Some of their dive bombers couldn't dive - the fabric came off the wings. Their torpedoes were slow and unreliable, the torpedo planes even wors. They were up against the finest fighting plans in the world, the Zero..... Yet they prevailed.

The Battle of Midway was the most important battle of the war in the Pacific during WW2. Not only was it a demoralizing disaster for the Japanese Navy and the War Commanders, but it deprived the Japanese of their important strategic resource that was essential in the naval battles of the Pacific War - Aircraft Carriers.

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