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Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Melvyn Bragg and published by BBC in 2005 - English narration

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Image: The-Darwin-Debate-Cover.jpg

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Melvyn Bragg and a panel of international experts debate what Darwin's theory of evolution tells us about ourselves and human society. Filmed at the Linnean Society - the world's oldest biological society - in Piccadilly, London.

Steven Pinker , professor of psychology Massachusetts Institute of Technology A prominent Canadian-born American experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, and popular science writer known for his spirited and wide-ranging advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind. Steven Pinker

Meredith Small , Cornell professor of anthropology A primatologist by training and professor of anthropology by vocation, Small has spent untold hours watching monkeys interact in captivity and in the wild. So if you're looking for a few clues about why people do some of the strange things we do, she's happy to offer a few million years of evolutionary perspective Meredith Small

Steve Jones , biologist and a professor of genetics and head of the biology department at University College London He is one of the best known contemporary popular writers on evolution. His popular writing shows a wry, sometimes rather dark, sense of humour. In 1996 his writing won him the Royal Society Michael Faraday prize "for his numerous, wide ranging contributions to the public understanding of science in areas such as human evolution and variation, race, sex, inherited disease and genetic manipulation through his many broadcasts on radio and television, his lectures, popular science books, and his regular science column in The Daily Telegraph and contributions to other newspaper media Steve Jones

Sir Jonathan Miller, CBE is a British theatre and opera director, neurologist, author, television presenter, humorist and sculptor In 2004, he wrote and presented a series on atheism, Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (on-screen title; but more commonly referred to as Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief) for BBC Four TV, exploring the roots of his own atheism and investigating the history of atheism in the world. Individual conversations, debates and discussions for the series that could not be included, due to time constraints, were individually aired in a six-part series entitled The Atheism Tapes. Jonathan Miller

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Frames Per Second: 25.000
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Audio Bitrate: 131kb/s VBR 48000 Hz
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Audio Languages: English
RunTime Per Part: 47:35.920
Part Size: 700MB
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