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[edit] General Information

Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Will Lyman and published by PBS in 2004 - English narration

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[edit] Information

The Question of God, a four-hour series on PBS, explores in accessible and dramatic style issues that preoccupy all thinking people today: What is happiness? How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives? How do we reconcile conflicting claims of love and sexuality? How do we cope with the problem of suffering and the inevitability of death? Based on a popular Harvard course taught by Dr. Armand Nicholi, author of The Question of God, the series illustrates the lives and insights of Sigmund Freud, a life-long critic of religious belief, and C.S. Lewis, a celebrated Oxford don, literary critic, and perhaps this century's most influential and popular proponent of faith based on reason.

"It may be that Freud and Lewis represent conflicting parts of ourselves," Dr. Nicholi notes. "Part of us yearns for a relationship with the source of all joy, hope and happiness, as described by Lewis, and yet, there is another part that raises its fist in defiance and says with Freud, 'I will not surrender.' Whatever part we choose to express will determine our purpose, our identity, and our whole philosophy of life."

Through dramatic storytelling and compelling visual re-creations, as well as interviews with biographers and historians, and lively discussion, Freud and Lewis are brought together in a great debate. "The series presents a unique dialogue between Freud, the atheist, and Lewis, the believer," says Catherine Tatge, director of The Question of God. "Through it we come to understand two very different ideas of human existence, and where each of us, as individuals, falls as believers and unbelievers."

The important moments and emotional turning points in the lives of Freud and Lewis which gave rise to such starkly different ideas fuel an intelligent and moving contemporary examination of the ultimate question of human existence: Does God really exist?

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Video Source: DVD
Video Codec: DivX 5.2.1
Video Bitrate: 1360kbps (.222 bits/pixel)
Video Resolution: 608x336
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.81:1
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio BitRate: 192kbps
Audio Channels: 2
RunTime Per Part: approximately 1 hour
Number Of Parts: 4
Part Size: 700MB
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