Through Enemy Eyes - Vol. IV - Pt. 1

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Harry Giese, published by IHF in 1941 - German narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Through-Enemy-Eyes-Vol.-IV-Pt.-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

DISK 1: Jan 2, 1941 - Feb 26, 1941 NEWSREEL 539: Germany's and Italy's Ambassadors Attend Ceremonies Commemorating the Formation of the Tripartite Pact in Tokyo; Marshal Petain Warmly Received by a Large Crowd in Lyons; Soviet Ambassador Dekanozov greeted by Hitler at Reich Chancellery; Reich Labor Service Role in the Battle of Britain Hailed; Extensive Grading Work Along the Vistula River in Occupied Poland; Former Luxury Hotel in Zakopane now Shelters Berlin Children; Nazi Leaders and the German People Celebrate their Second Wartime Christmas; NEWSREEL 542: Japan Celebrates the Twentysixth Centenary of its Imperial Dynasty; Third Reich and Soviet Union sign Four New Agreements in Moscow; Heavy Snowfall Reported Throughout Europe; Dutch National Socialist Rally in Utrecht; Reich Marshal Göring Receives Congratulations and Gifts on His 48th Birthday; Motorcycle Riflemen on Maneuvers in Occupied Southern France; Adolf Galland Shoots Down a British Plane - His 57th Kill. NEWSREEL 543: Norwegian Workers Depart to Germany; Reconstruction Projects in Occupied Poland;. Franz Léhar Conducts one of his Operettas in Paris; Ceremonial Meeting of the German Academy in Prague; Japanese Military Delegation in Berlin; Luftwaffe Bombs Valletta, Malta; Aircraft Carrier H.M.S.Illustriousis Hit; NEWSREEL 544: Hitler Attends the Funeral of Justice Minister Gürtner; Heavy Bombers Raid Scottish Coastal Shipping; Auxiliary Cruiser on a Combat Mission in Tropical Waters; A Hitler Castigates the Versailles Treaty as the Greatest; Injustice in History and Issues a Warning to Germany's Enemies. NEWSREEL 545: Funeral of Hungary's Foreign Minister Csâky; Reich Youth Leader Axmann Visits Oslo; A Grandiose Nazi Party Ceremonies in Silesia; Submariners on a Skiing Holiday; Minesweepers Patrol the English Channel; Bombing Raids of British Positions in North Africa; NEWSREEL 547: Meeting of Mussolini and Franco in Bordighera, Italy; German Film Stars Attend Festivities in the Reich Film Chamber; Police Sports Festival in Berlin; World Champ Boxer Max Schmeling Volunteers for Airborne Duty; SS General Sepp Dietrich Inspects the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler; An Auxiliary Cruiser on the Prowl in the Atlantic.

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