Through Enemy Eyes - Vol. VI - Pt. 2

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Harry Giese, published by IHF in 1941 - German narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Through-Enemy-Eyes-Vol.-VI-Pt.-2-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

DISK 2: Oct 1, 1941 - Nov 20, 1941 NEWSREEL 578: Daring Invasion of the Islands of Ösel (Saaremaa) and Moon (Muhu) in the Gulf of Riga; German Forces Converge on Leningrad from all Directions; Italian and Romanian Troops at the Gates of Odessa; Kiev, the Capital of Ukraine, Liberated from Bolshevik Terror; The Encirclement of Four Soviet Armies in the Kiev Area nets 665,000 Prisoners; NEWSREEL 579: Goebbels Opens the Winter Relief Fund Drive Rally in Berlin's Sportpalast; Hitler Speaks at the Rally and Blasts Warcriminal Plutocrats and Bolsheviks; Mop-up Operations in the Island of Ösel; German Artillery Pulverizes Leningrad - the Siege Begins; Army and Waffen-SS Units Advance on Valday Hills, Source Waters of the Volga River; Aftermath of the Battle in the Kiev Front - Endless Lines of Soviet Prisoners; U-boat Action in the Battle of the Atlantic. NEWSREEL 583: Italy's Foreign Minister Count Ciano Visits Hitler at his Wolfsschanze Headquarters.; Finnish Divisions Advance South of Lakes Ladoga and Onega.; Knee-deep Mud Hampers Supply Convoys in the Leningrad Area.; Soviet Stronghold of Kaluga captured by German Troops.; The Historic Battlefleld of Borodino Penetrated by Waffen-SS and General Hoeppner's Panzers.; In the Southern Sector of the Front German Infantry Advance on Kharkov.; NEWSREEL 585: Mop-up Operations in Karelia.; Winter Clothes and Supplies Reach the Eastern Front.; Attack on Soviet Outer Defence Ring near Moscow.; The Soviet Industrial Hub of Kharkov Captured by the Wehrmacht.; German Advances in the Crimean Peninsula.; Victory Parade of Odessa Veterans in Bucharest.; General Rommel Decorates Valorous Afrika Korps Soldiers.; Naval Action on the English Channel.

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