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Technology, War Documentary hosted by Robert Wolstenholme, published by Channel 5 in 2019 - English narration

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This three part documentary series charts the history of the warship from the dawn of the twentieth century to the present day and in doing so tells the story of the most iconic ships of all time, and looks at the engineering breakthroughs that allowed them to become genuine game-changers and play leading roles in the greatest naval battles of the past century. Each episode focus on a specific class of vessel: Dreadnoughts, Word War II Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers. From HMS Dreadnought to USS Enterprise, from Tirpitz to Ark Royal these are ships that took part in some of the greatest naval battles in history, such as Jutland, Iwo Jima, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Pearl Harbour, Korea, Desert Storm, and the Battle of the North Atlantic. In each episode, we focus on one important class of warship; from the great leviathans of the Second World War to WWI's Dreadnoughts, ending with the aircraft carrier. The series features expert interviews, original filming aboard existing ships, stunning archive footage, exclusive access to original ships plans and computer-generated animations of long-lost ships. Series Produced & Directed by Theo Williams ; An IWC Media Production for Channel 5

[edit] Hitler's Greatest Warship: Bismarck

The first episode focuses on the story of the giant battleships that played a vital role in the naval battles of the Second World War – Hitler's brutal leviathans, Bismarck and Tirpitz. Bismarck, built in Hamburg 1939, was a battleship of the German Navy and formed the Bismarck class with her sister ship Tirpitz. When it was commissioned in August 1940 under the command of Captain Ernst Lindemann, it was considered the world's largest and most powerful battleship. The Bismarck was not just a military weapon, it was a status symbol. The ship reflected both the new rise of German naval power and the country's technological achievements. It was put into service in August 1940, and in May 1941, the Bismarck was sent to the North Atlantic together with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen to wage a trade war there. Soon after the start of this mission, she succeeded in sinking the British battlecruiser Hood in the Denmark Strait. But three days later, on May 27, 1941, the pride of the Nazi Navy was sunk by a British fleet after a cat and mouse chase across the Atlantic. Today, the Bismarck is one of the best-known ships in the German Navy and is therefore the subject of numerous literary works, specialist and technical studies, and model representations.

[edit] The Mighty Dreadnoughts: Monster Warships of WWI

In the 20th century, huge warships were built with which the designers wanted to win battles on the high seas. This episode focuses on the gigantic constructions that had to prove themselves in the naval battles of the First World War. In the middle of the Great War, more than 200 warships clashed in a decisive sea battle in the Battle of Skagerrak. There was a new type of ship in use that caused widespread destruction and took heavy hits, but still stayed afloat and made it to the base for repairs. These war machines started the arms race that changed the world. They were dreadnoughts. From 1906, the turbine-powered, big-gun Dreadnoughts revolutionised the rules of the high seas. For the next 35 years, Dreadnoughts ruled the waves worldwide. With the help of archive footage and expert interviews, the fearsome war machines are presented and analyzed.

[edit] The Aircraft Carrier: Ark Royal and the Carrier Giants

Aircraft carrier rose to prominence during WWII, but the story begins with very British experimentation in WWI. This eventually led to the first purpose-built carrier, Ark Royal, which went on to battle the mighty Bismarck when war broke out again. But the story continues in the present day, as the forthcoming Queen Elizabeth-class carriers, when they enter service will be the most technologically advanced carriers on the planet. The final episode of the series focuses on the history of the aircraft carrier, which has played a vital role in nearly every British and American military engagement since the Second World War. In the US Navy, the USS Enterprise was a fleet aircraft carrier and became the decisive weapon in World War II. The giant also played an important strategic role in the Cold War. The aircraft carrier grew from a humble vessel into a major weapon in World War II, a tool of political and military strategy during the Cold War, and a ship that may rule the waves for decades to come. Giant aircraft carriers are still today the most complex and expensive results of design and engineering.

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