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[edit] General Information

Technology, War Documentary with no narration published by Discovery Channel in 2014 - English language

[edit] Cover

Image: Combat-Dealers-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Charismatic Bruce Crompton is a master of finding military memorabilia. He and his team of ex-soldiers and engineers buy, repair and sell World War II military gear, travelling the world in search of rare artefacts to restore and sell. From the battlefields of Australia to the Philippines to Finland, Bruce digs for military treasure and in turn unearths the fascinating and sometimes disturbing history of the global conflict that was WW2. With 'money man' Hus by his side, Bruce haggles hard on every deal, buying wartime tanks, trucks, trailers and even toilet paper if he thinks he can sell it on! Bruce's farm in Sussex is the hub of the operation where the mechanical genius of twins Nick and Phil and ex-Para Freddy turn Bruce's rusty relics back into the military machines they were over 70 years ago. It's not just Bruce's passion for military memorabilia that drives them on – the team have a large client list on the hunt for that elusive find, including Hollywood royalty. Over the years, Bruce has supplied his specialist vehicles for film projects such as Saving Private Ryan, and more recently, the Brad Pitt movie, Fury. He's off in search of valuable wartime artefacts – from every war and every part of the world. Produced by WAG TV for Discovery Networks Europe

[edit] The Country Fair

Military wheeler-dealer Bruce Crompton sees his local Country Fare as a great opportunity to raise business. Can he hunt down a German Schwimmwagen to get noticed?
In this episode, Bruce Crompton goes hunting for prey in Normandy. The parish of Mortain was the scene of a hard fought battle during World War II. An SS Panzer Division was supposed to stop the American advance there in 1944. However, the battle ended in a devastating defeat for the German soldiers, who left many vehicles behind as they retreated. Armed with an original photo from those days, the British military vehicle dealer goes in search of a Volkswagen Type 166.

[edit] The Russians are Coming

Bruce wants to impress a mega-rich customer - Russian Oligarch Slava - and offers him to drive his rare German Hetzer tank. Will Slava be lured into a deal?
Bruce Compton meets with a well-heeled client from Russia in Dorset. Vyatcheslav Lehn is one of the greats in the scene. If Bruce can source the exact military vehicles his client is looking for, he could land a lucrative major contract. The armored personnel carrier Sd.Kfz 251 is at the top of "Slava's" list. There are only a few well-preserved examples of the half-track vehicle left today. The oligarch is also interested in the Jagdpanzer 38(t), often called "Hetzer".

[edit] The D-Day Parachute Jump

Bruce rises to a challenge to do a D-Day parachute jump. He hasn't jumped in over 30 years but decides to do it in a genuine WWII paratrooper uniform.
In this episode, Bruce Compton revels in the old days. Is the eccentric Brit still as fit as he was thirty years ago? That will become clear on the D-Day anniversary in Normandy, France, because that's where Bruce plans to parachute again. But before that, it's time to make money! The military vehicle dealer has a WWII jeep for 8,000 euros. Once restored, the vehicle easily brings in twice as much, which is why the guys in the workshop have to get to work.

[edit] Bangs and Bombs

Bruce Compton takes money-man Hus on a picking trip to Germany. Hus gets worried when they discover a nuclear core from a secret Nazi nuclear testing factory.
Bruce Compton searches for military equipment from the Second World War in Germany and finds it with a collector. His "Nebelwerfer" dates from 1941 and is one of the first examples that were built at that time. The British called the rocket launcher "Moaning Minnie", it had a range of seven kilometers. The weapon has received a few scratches in combat, but this sometimes even increases the value of the originals. That's why Bruce leaves 1200 euros on the table for the rare piece.

[edit] Operation Clear-Out

Military WW2 dealer Bruce Compton is clearing out his messy warehouse and finds some long-forgotten treasures. Can he sell them for a big profit?
In this episode, Bruce Compton examines a German tank transporter in Vienna. Military vehicles damaged in World War II were towed away with the Sd.Ah. 116 low-floor trailer. The owner demands 100,000 euros for the low-loader. So far, so good - if the owner could be talked about the price, the trailer would be a worthwhile investment. But how is Bruce supposed to transport the heavy, fourteen-and-a-half-meter-long monster to Great Britain?

[edit] Hollywood's Calling

A Hollywood movie is being shot and they need genuine military vehicles. Bruce could make a lot of money, but are his props good enough to seal the deal?
Bruce Compton visits an auction in Normandy in this episode. There, the military expert is aiming for a mobile field kitchen and a Kettenkrad. The all-terrain vehicle was also used by the German Wehrmacht as a tractor. In addition, a war film will soon be shot on the British Isles. Motorcycles, guns and tanks: Bruce is tasked with providing the film's creators with historical vehicles and equipment so that everything looks authentic on screen.

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Video Codec: H264 CABAC High@L3.1
Video Bitrate: 2 529 Kbps
Video Resolution: 1280x720
Display Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frames Per Second: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec: AAC (LC)
Audio Bitrate: 125 kb/s VBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 44 min
Number Of Parts: 6
Part Size: 781 MB - 863 MB
Source: WEB DL
Capper: ASTRD

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