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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Qarie Marshall, published by Discovery Channel in 2003 - English narration

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Watch as epic battles are waged on land and in the air to determine history's most powerful weapons of war. Four of the greatest fighters are pitted against each other in a series of tests to prove which is the fastest, most accurate, most powerful fighting machine. Pilots, gunners, and experienced vets put each weapon through its paces, measuring every technical aspect, then debate the real-world impact-how it actually fared in the field. Produced by Darlow Smithson Productions for Five and Discovery Channel MMIII

[edit] World War I

Return to the skies of the Great War as England's Sopwith Camel-the most successful fighter of the war-takes on the Kaiser's unmistakable Fokker Triplane-a personal favorite of the Red Baron. In the countryside below, watch as two heavyweights trade blows-the formidable British 18-lb. field gun, dubbed the "infantry killer," against the awesome German field Howitzer.

[edit] World War II

The Allies' best fighter-the Spitfire-ultimately prevailed in the war, but how does it match up against Germany's Messerschmitt in head-to-head competition? Watch as WWII aces debate the pros and cons of each plane, with first-hand details of crucial aerial combat missions, then pilots recreate those missions in top-notch replicas-measuring the planes' performance and firepower. Then, veteran commanders from Allied Sherman tank divisions and Nazi Tiger divisions compare notes, as each tank's abilities-and inabilities-are exposed in the field.

[edit] The Cold War

It was a new kind of war, and the rules had changed. Watch the American M16 and the Russian-built AK47 go head to head. TheM16's light, accurate, space-age construction clearly outclasses the old-school AK on the rifle range, providing a longer, surer shot. But learn how-in the thick jungles of Vietnam-the Russian gun's low-tech design was surprisingly effective. In the air, Russia went high-tech with its sleek MiG-15 fighter, which first tangled with America's Sabre F86 over Korea. Now, these two titans clash again for the title of "best swept-wing fighter."

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