The History of Weapons: Series 1

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Shaun Lawton, published by ZDF in 2018 - English narration

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[edit] Information

The History of Weapons: Series 1 Since the very beginning of human existence, weapons have been produced and used to kill. How did the technology of weapons advance?

[edit] Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are a warrior's best chance of survival. International experts demonstrate in the most important ranged weapons in history. The clever design of the Roman spear. The longbow helps England become one of the most feared superpowers of the medieval age. These advances change history.

[edit] Attack from Above

Warfare enters a new dimension with the attack from above. Demonstrations reveal the secret of weapons that became keys to moving war up into the air. Long before airplanes, smart medieval commanders designed rockets to attack their enemies. Now, advances in A.I. and drone technology shape battle.

[edit] Close Combat

Melee is probably the original type of combat. Throughout history, armies developed ever more effective close combat weapons. In surprising experiments, weapons experts test the physical and psychological impact of the three most important melee developments of our time.

[edit] Weapons for All

Weapons designed for everyone are a decisive advantage at war. International experts test the three most important weapons that can be learned very quickly. The crossbow transforms peasants into warriors that suddenly become a threat to the knight.

[edit] Faster than the Enemy

Throughout history, speed becomes a decisive feature of warfare. In spectacular experiments, a team of international experts presents the most significant weapons of history where speed made a difference. The chariot brings mobility to the battles of the ancient world.

[edit] The Power of Destruction

New weapons with devastating force shape the wars of the 20th century. International experts test the catastrophic effects of the most destructive weapons. Machine guns kill entire units within seconds. The hand grenade has such enormous power and can easily be carried in a backpack.

[edit] War at Sea

Weapons expert Stephen Bull tests the most significant three weapons of the sea. The Byzantines guarded the Greek fire as the secret super weapon that kept Constantinople save over 800 years. Experts build an original replica to demonstrate the thunderous force of a ship cannon.

[edit] The Ambush

Attacking the enemy in an ambush is a devastating advantage at war. Weapons that stayed undetected until their very strike revolutionized warfare. The caltrop brought down the cavalry when it made entire battlefields impassible

[edit] Deadly Inventions

Wars become even bloodier as new technologies keep evolving. A team of experts tests the deadliest weapons upgrades in the history of warfare. Designed to penetrate solid armor, the Scorpio makes use of the power of torsion. With the long sword, Europe knights slaughter their opponents.

[edit] Civilians on the Battlefield

Mostly, civilians are the ones suffering from waging a war. Experts track down three weapons that were used to recklessly attack civilian populations. With no regard for civilian casualties, the trebuchet hurls heavy stones against solid castle walls.

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